Joe Paopao believes his time as a Quarterback will indeed help as a play caller

This week following a loss to Hamilton, the Redblacks announced that running-backs coach, Joe Paopao would change roles and become the offensive play caller while also coaching Quarterbacks.

Today at Redblacks’ practice, I was able to catch up with Paopao about his coaching change.

Paopao: I’ve been a play-caller most of my life. Making decisions is almost like second nature for me. As a quarterback and as a coach, I’ve called plays throughout my football career, and I look forward to calling plays this season.”

Joe Paopao entered his 27th coaching season as a running-backs coach, where he’d have the opportunity to coach both John Crockett and Mossis Madu. Both Madu and Crockett have a combined 777 yards on the season, and along with the coaching change, I talked to Paopao about those numbers and the running backs they are.

Paopao: “They work hard! Their mindset is to do it all right, and they do it in practice which all carries into the games. I’m not surprised of the success they’ve had this season. The numbers are just numbers, we know what they’re capable of, and as long as it helps to win games, I’m happy!”

Paopao hasn’t spent all his time as a quarterback’s coach, entering his 27th year as a coach, Joe Paopao is experienced as a head coach, and offensive coordinator, a quarterback and a general manager.

As a quarterback, Paopao spent 10 seasons where he started a significant amount of games, tallying up 19,000 yards, 117 pass touchdowns and 251 rush yards.

Paopao: As a quarterback, I didn’t win a lot of games, as a head coach, I didn’t win a lot of games. I have a lot of experiences that I’ve learned from, and my timeline will have a big help for me calling plays this season, I look forward to getting some wins as we move on to the second half of the season.”

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