Paul LaPolice and Ottawa Redblacks roll the “Dyce” early into the offseason

Just this Monday the Ottawa Redblacks officially signed Paul LaPolice as the head coach, but with the moves he’s been developing are making it look like he’s been here for much longer.

To go back to his comments on Ottawa’s coaching staff, today he made two moves which would backup his opinions. Today, the Redblacks announced the bringing in of both Bob Wylie and Bob Dyce.

Bob Dyce has been with Ottawa for a while now and has been developing a great resume on the a Redblacks special teams. After both his kickers were granted NFL workouts, Paul LaPolice likes what he saw and decided to have him back with Ottawa going into 2020. In 2020, Bob Dyce will fill the role of being the team’s Special Teams Coach.

Along with Dyce, the Redblacks also announced that Bob Wylie would serve as the Ottawa Redblacks offensive line coach in 2020. Wylie has made a great background for himself with his last stint falling as the offensive line coach of the NFL’s Cleveland Browns. Before the Browns, Wylie has coached with Paul LaPolice 2 times in the CFL, with that experience together, they are already aware of eachothers main goals as coaches. Although he may have experience with Paul LaPolice and people may know him from the CFL, the Redblacks and Rnation may also know him from his special moments from the Cleveland Browns Hard Knocks series.

The season may seem like a long ways away, although the season will creep up on us very quickly, so make sure to keep up to date on the Redblacks and subscribe to Lil’ Z Big R to receive all of the Redblacks news you’ll need to prepare for 2020.

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