Kevin Glenn to join Redblacks sideline?

Over a month ago, the Redblacks future took a massive turn. For a team that has seen just one coach in the past 6 seasons and have had a great amount of success, the team’s future looked great with Rick Campbell in charge. Although just days following the team’s final game of the 2019 season, Rick Campbell and Marcel Desjardins made a decision behind closed doors which left Campbell on the market to coach any other CFL team.

Just a few weeks later, Rick Campbell took charge of the B.C Lions while Paul LaPolice signed up to coach the Redblacks. As LaPolice took over as coach in the nation’s capital, he mentioned there would be some changes within the coaching staff. Just one week with the job, LaPolice already brought in two coaches to the room and is hunting for more.

This week, TSN’s Farhan Lalji reported that both the Ottawa Redblacks and Montreal Alouettes have come in contact with Glenn about a quarterback coach job in the CFL. Even-though Glenn hasn’t made a decision on if he’d like to be a coach, this looks like a great option for the Redblacks moving forward.

For all that know about Kevin Glenn’s tour of the CFL, this would be the second time he’d be called a Redblack along with the second time he works with Paul LaPolice.

In 2016, Glenn was the second string quarterback of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, who’s offense was coached by Paul LaPolice.

Also in that great tour of the CFL, Glenn completed a career 62% of his passes for 52,867 yards and 294 touchdowns.

If Glenn is granted the opportunity to coach with the Redblacks, the quarterback room would be helped out from his experience.

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