A look in on the 2020 Ottawa Redblacks defense, does Ottawa have the best front 7 in the CFL?

Last season, the Ottawa Redblacks struggled on both sides of the football, only generating 3 wins, but out of all of the struggles, getting to the QB wasn’t at the top of the list. In 2019’s CFL season, the Ottawa Redblacks totaled for 32 sacks, and that was all done in a down year.

After the season concluded the Redblacks made sure to bring back the key pieces to the defensive front 7. They re-signed Avery Williams, Danny Mason, Michael Wakefield, George Uko, Avery Ellis, Kevin Brown and Ettore Lattanzio as they did sign Cleyon Laing, Don Unamba, and Christophe Mulamba.

With the Redblacks re-signing and bringing back all of these big names to the Redblacks defense, they will also be getting some big pieces back from injuries they faced last season.

In the 2019 season, the Redblacks found out just how good their linebacking core could be with Avery Williams leading the pack and last year’s rookie Jerod Fernandez showed to have the same potential. The linebackers from a year ago went straight to the offensive backfield everytime they played together, but this year with a few veteran additions, they could be at the top of the league going after quarterbacks.

Here below is the estimated defensive depth chart for the Redblacks come pre-season, and seen on it is a lot of talent, staring Avery Ellis, Michael Wakefield, Cleyon Laing, Danny Mason and Avery Williams. The talent will come together and produce a better season than the past season, and stay tuned for big plays coming from the defensive line and linebackers in 2020.

A 2020 Ottawa Redblacks defensive depth chart created by Jordan Zlomislic using the CFL’s depth chart layout from 2019

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