XFL shuts down for remainder of 2020, will the Ottawa Redblacks go after any XFL players?

Due to the ongoing spread of Covid-19, the XFL has canceled the rest of their 2020 season. Although the XFL season is no longer, the XFL has granted all players the opportunity to sign with other leagues. Tomorrow, March 23rd the players from the XFL will be able to sign with the CFL’s Ottawa Redblacks, but will the team sign anyone?

When the team announced their negotiations list a couple of months ago, the Ottawa Redblacks had P.J Walker on their list. Walker later had an outstanding few games playing with the Houston Roughnecks and could pursue NFL opportunities. If Walker does not go to the NFL, Ottawa is the only CFL team with rights to sign him. Will Ottawa sign Walker?

When you think of the XFL, PJ Walker is a big name that comes in mind, but there are several other players that could make their ways to Ottawa come tomorrow.

To checkout a list of players available checkout the graphics below, made by the XFL when they were first advertising the draft last October.

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