The rise of the Dedmon: The life behind the jersey of DeVonte Dedmon

The article you have selected to read is a small documentary based on Ottawa Redblacks receiver and return specialist DeVonte Dedmon. The video is found on the YouTube link below, and a short article on Dedmon is just under where you can find the video! Enjoy, and remember to watch out for #17 when you are watching the Ottawa Redblacks in 2020!

This coming CFL season, DeVonte Dedmon will be joining the Ottawa Redblacks for his second season of his professional career. Year two for Dedmon will be a big year for himself and the Redblacks team around him. Coming off of a 3-15 rookie season with the Ottawa Redblacks, Dedmon has all eyes on winning games although that will only be made possible if he plays the majority of the games.

In his rookie year, Dedmon played 5 games of the 18 on the team’s schedule. He may not have been in as many games as the other receivers like Dominique Rhymes or R.J Harris, but he made a big impact in the ones he did dress for. Being on the field for just 5 games, DeVonte Dedmon put his whole hometown of Williamsburg, Virginia on his back and performed at his best abilities for the Ottawa Redblacks. Dedmon’s name was a household name for most Redblacks fans in August when he made Sportscenter’s top 10 for one of his two return touchdowns against the Montreal Alouettes in week 8. DeVonte Dedmon’s name became bigger than ever after that one big game, but with injuries taking him out of the majority of the games he was later forgotten by many CFL fans.

He may be forgotten as of now, although once the 2020 CFL season comes around, CFL fans will be reminded of who he is. Around his big game in Montreal, the 2019 season wasn’t the best opportunity for Dedmon to introduce himself to the CFL. Being on a team without much publicity due to a losing season and him not being able to play more than 5 games, Dedmon wasn’t in the headlines much although when he returns for his second season, that is bound to change.

The wide receiver and return specialist will be coming to Ottawa for training camp in May, where he’ll be competing for the starting receiver position. By the looks of it, Dedmon has the returning job in his hands, but due to the moves made this offseason he might be starting on the offensive depth chart as well. With that into consideration, all Redblacks fans should have eyes on Dedmon coming into the 2020 CFL season, as DeVonte Dedmon could be filling shoes of a starting receiver and even could have a similar role as Diontae Spencer once had in Ottawa.

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