Taking a glimpse at the Ottawa Redblacks roster, what kind of impact will global wide receiver Guillermo Villalobos make in year two?

Last year despite going 3-15, the Ottawa Redblacks had a lot of bright spots to their season. From finding a true running back in John Crockett to having a reliable linebacker on the team with Avery Williams, the team has seen a lot of great things come out of the 2019 CFL season. One major thing that will come from last season would be the experience gained for a number of the players on the team, from rookies to the global players a full year of experience can do some good heading into the rest of their careers. Among the players with the full season behind them is global receiver Guillermo Villalbos and global kicker Jose Maltos.

WR Guillermo Villalobos during Ottawa Redblacks Rookie Camp at TD Place on May 15, 2019. Errol McGihon/Postmedia

With Lewis Ward and Richie Leone locked up for another year it doesn’t look like Maltos will see the field much in year two, but his global partner Guillermo Villalobos has a real shot at getting significance playing time for the 2020 season.

After being drafted in round two of the CFL’s very first global draft in 2019 by the Ottawa Redblacks, Guillermo came to Canada and had a great training camp and pre-season. Playing both of the Redblacks pre-season games, he was able to get a lot of offensive reps, catching 3 passes for 28 yards while his highlight reel first catch earned a spot on SportsCenter.

While making his presence felt in the 2019 CFL pre-season, he was later put onto the Ottawa Redblacks practice roster for the majority of the regular season, playing just 8 games in the season he was playing mostly on Bob Dyce’s special teams where he got one special teams tackle. On an instagram live yesterday he comments, “I love special teams and it was great to play for Bob Dyce but I think if I get reps on offense I can make some plays and I’m very excited to do that.”

With the moves made by the Ottawa Redblacks this off-season, losing Dominique Rhymes, Caleb Holley and Nate Behar there is a good chance that Vilalobos does get the reps he wants on the offense and given the past he has making plays, catching 35 passes for a Mexican University football record 1,230 yards and after college Vilalobos got into the LFA where he was able to get MVP of his team and with the stats he put up he was the wide receiver of the year in the LFA.

The plays he’s made in Mexico and the year he has under his belt in the CFL Guillermo Vilalobos has a chance to get onto the Redblacks active roster so stay tuned for number 85!

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