What does the NFL Draft results mean for this week’s CFL Draft? The Canadians picked in the 2020 NFL Draft, looking forward to Thursday

Through this coronavirus outbreak, there has been very little for sports fans to look forward to. On the top of the list is the weekly ESPN documentary about the 1997 Chicago Bulls The Last Dance and after that would’ve been last weeks NFL Draft. With no sports being played, all we can do is look forward to the future and having the NFL Draft now behind us we can look forward to the CFL Draft coming up.

Looking forward to this Thursday’s CFL Draft is what many Canadian sports fans are doing in their quarantine but what some people don’t necessarily know is that it will be different than what they might expect it to be. Months going into this week’s draft the CFL headlined both Neville Gallimore and Chase Claypool as the top dogs in the CFL Draft which of course they are, but the chances are that neither of them play a snap in the CFL in their careers. Being picked in rounds 2 and 3 of the NFL Draft last week, Gallimore and Claypool are without a doubt the best two players available to a CFL team in Thursday’s draft but there’s more great players. So take a look…

Outside of Ottawa native Neville Gallimore and Abbotsford’s Claypool there were another few players to the group of Canadians taking the road to the NFL. They weren’t all drafted but 6’7 wideout from Simon Fraser Rysen John is headed to the New York Giants, Michael Hoecht out of Brown signed with the Los Angeles Rams, Marc Dequoy is headed to the Packers while Alberta’s star offensive lineman Carter O’Donnell is going to Indianapolis. The group all wasn’t drafted but each have good chances at making NFL rosters and with that in mind, CFL teams might stay away from them in the first round in this Thursday’s CFL Draft.

Even though they all are bound to be impactful players with no matter CFL team drafts them, CFL teams might want to hold off from drafting them in the first round. That way, they can use their first pick to get someone that has first round talent, who like the others will make an impact on the roster and you know he will play for you in 2020.

Below you’ll see three articles, the very last one, “Lil’ Z’s scout sheet” will give you a real good look at the top players in this draft on Thursday. Stay tuned!

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