The CFL Draft: What will the Ottawa Redblacks do?

Today is the day. The CFL Draft is finally here, and all of your draft questions are about to be answered. After drafting an offensive lineman in the first round for 5 straight years it is one of many big questions many have if the Ottawa Redblacks keep that streak going tonight.

From everything said by Marcel Desjardins and the rest of the Ottawa Redblacks front office this off-season, I don’t see that streak going on. If it doesn’t, who do we draft? Right now it looks like the best players available by the time Ottawa is on the board are offensive lineman, both Ketel Asse from Laval and Buffalo’s Tomas Jack-Kurdyla but there will definitely be a good group to choose from at number 6. With the Redblacks’ biggest needs from last year being at defensive line and defensive back, it wouldn’t be too bad if they went for North Dakota’s Mason Bennett or Noah Hallett from McMaster and even if they want to get stronger on the offense there is a strong chance Dejon Brissett falls to 6 where he’d play a big role in the receivers room in Ottawa.

Who ever the Redblacks pick in the first round will be a big part to the team’s future like previous first rounders Alex Mateas and Antoine Pruneau but taking a look at the talent that the Redblacks could get later in the draft is crazy. With the chance of Adam Auclair, Jordan Williams and Isaac Adeyemi-Burgland dropping to the later rounds, the Redblacks can easily steal the draft with a couple of big picks.

Drafting first in the second round, the Redblacks have two top 10 selections and then a 19th overall territorial selection they could have hands on some real talent that could help them out like QBs Adam Sinagra and Nathan Rourke, receivers Brendan O’Leary-Orange, Tyler Ternowski, or even Trivel Pinto, running backs Kaden Johnson and Dion Pellerin and then on defense they can pick some top players in Matt McConnell and Kurtis Gray.

All in all, the Ottawa Redblacks look to make a major impact for their future in tonight’s draft so stay tuned. Turn on your TV, watch the draft on TSN at 8:00 PM EDT and get ready for some big moves by Marcel Desjardins and the Ottawa Redblacks.

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