Closing up shop, the Ottawa Redblacks pickup Ketel Asse with their final selection in the 2020 CFL Draft

After only getting Jakub Szott on the offensive side of the ball and having picked 6 defensive players in the 2020 CFL Draft the Ottawa Redblacks were able to bring in Ketel Asse. Asse, like Szott is an offensive lineman and coming out of Laval Asse had a chance to go into the NFL later in their draft last week and to see him fall all the way to the 8th round is crazy and could be the best pick in this year’s draft for the Ottawa Redblacks. Drafting three guys from the University of Laval it shows that Rouge et Or talent will be able to transform to Rouge et Noir talent in the 2020 season when it happens.

When it happens Asse will certainly be a part of a great group of offensive linemen. Leading the pack are both Nolan MacMillan and Alex Mateas but giving what has happened this offseason in losing both Philippe Gagnon and Stephane Nembot it is a possibility Asse starts a few games in his rookie year with the Ottawa Redblacks. Stay tuned to see what happens to Asse and the other draft picks by the Ottawa Redblacks here at

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