Did the Ottawa Redblacks steal the 2020 CFL Draft?

Coming off of a 3-15 season a year ago the Ottawa Redblacks front office has stayed busy through the offseason putting together a coaching staff, making blockbuster moves and just recently finished a full 8 round draft. To bounce back from 3-15 its obvious that they had to improve and they did on many aspects and the 2020 CFL Draft helped them a lot.

Yes, Nick Arbuckle and Cleyon Laing were massive additions to the Redblacks team, but as you dig into the Ottawa Redblacks draft it sure is great to see what they pulled off.

Picking up Adam Auclair in the first round was great. Auclair was expected to go in the first round and as one that could play linebacker and defensive back he is for sure a great draft pick by Marcel Desjardins and defensive coordinator Mike Benevides will really enjoy him on his defense. Going on Benevides defense is Michael Hoecht. Hoecht could be a steal for the Redblacks if things go in their favor, meaning if he plays for them. Weeks leading up to the draft he was looked on to be a first round pick in the draft but after being signed to the LA Rams his draft grade dropped and Marcel was happy to take him at number 10. Also happily taken by the Ottawa Redblacks on defense is Reshaan Davis who could be the steal of the draft depending how things turn out. Davis for many was thought of as a 2nd round pick and coming out of Ottawa he is coming off a 7 sack season and given that the Redblacks don’t have a lot of Canadian depth at edge he could play a huge role early in his career.

Ottawa Gee-Gees defensive end Réshaan Davis celebrates after sacking Laurier quarterback Connor Carusello. Photo: Greg Mason, uOttawa Sports Services.

Davis easily can be the steal of the Draft for the Ottawa Redblacks but what if they have two big steals that could be the one? Well they do. In the 8th round of the 2020 CFL Draft, the Ottawa Redblacks were able to get hands on offensive lineman Ketel Asse from the University of Laval. Asse was looked at to be a first or second round pick after not being brought in by NFL teams but after rethinking about him, he dropped all the way to 65 where the Ottawa Redblacks were able to get him. Although the team has a lot of Canadian depth on the line with Alex Mateas, Nolan MacMillan, Jason Lauzon-Seguin, Evan Johnson and Mark Korte it is shown that they are interested in seeing what other players can do for them and bringing in Asse in the last round of the draft gives him an idea in which he could be the player used.

All in all, the 2020 CFL Draft was very successful for the Ottawa Redblacks as they got much better defensively and if things work out they could even have the steal of the 2020 CFL Draft with Ketel Asse on the offensive line. Stay tuned to see more on Ketel Asse and the rest of the 2020 CFL draft class of the Redblacks here at https://lilzbigr.blog/

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