“I want to end up living in Ottawa” Redblacks’ defensive back Brandin Dandridge looks back to the past and into the future

Last year, despite going 3-15 the Ottawa Redblacks had a lot of bright spots. The offense found a new running back in John Crockett, RJ Harris’ talent wasn’t fluke in 2018 and they discovered a list of young defensive stars for the team’s future.

As of now its unsure if the team has a 2020 season, or a future even but if all goes well and the CFL does kickoff in September Brandin Dandridge will be ready to make an impact and help the Redblacks’ defense win games. Dandridge was signed mid-season last year and played a whole 4 games to close the season. The contract he signed in August was his first ever professional contract he had signed. He comments, “It was a dream come true. Every little kid dreams of playing at the pro level and for me to get there. From where I came from it really meant the world to me.”

Photo of Dandridge @ BMO Field week 20 vs Argonauts by Jason Egbuna

Dandridge was signed by the team mid-season to add depth to the defense, but he made his presence felt and could be more than depth on this Redblacks’ defense. In the final four games played in the 2019 season, he was able to make 12 tackles and he added 4 pass breakups to his totals as well. “It was in the game against Toronto that I realized I could play at this stage. I had a few tackles and even shut down both Derel Walker and Armanti Edwards who are two veterans and great players in the league.” Going back to the week 20 matchup at BMO field in Toronto, Dandridge had six tackles, 2 pass breakups and a near interception.

The week 20 game against Toronto was great to see for fans, but the front office and coaches were surprised enough to bring him back for a second year and in year two Brandin Dandridge hopes to play more games like that. “Being back in Ottawa next year will be great. It will be a great chance to show what I’ve got because I think that if I’m given the chance I can be a starter on the team and make a big impact.”

Being a starter on the Redblacks team would be a huge milestone for Dandridge but he wants to even live in Ottawa full time in the future, “Ottawa is a great city. I mean the people, the food. Its all around great and it feels like home so if I can I would love to stay in Ottawa to live there.” To stay up to date with how Brandin Dandridge and other Redblacks players are doing on the field checkout https://lilzbigr.blog/

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