Former Redblacks’ and current B.C Lions running back Wayne Moore looks to be an artist after football, “Sports and art have always been a part of my life.”

The world has been in lockdown for the past 3 months, there’s no sports being played and next to nothing to leave the house for but for CFLer Wayne Moore that isn’t such a big problem. Over the last while Moore has been able to use this time to pursue his talents. Not his on-field talent which he’s known for but the art talents he’s brought back to him. “Sports and art have always been a part of my life from I was a little boy. They (both) played a role of balance in my life. Sports as is a way to compete- art is a huge calming factor which is a form of meditation and peace for me.”

Wayne Moore has been in the CFL for a while, bouncing off teams since the 2016 season and even had time in Ottawa for two seasons. The Canadian back has over 150 total yards over 25 games experience but with football being a business and not knowing what’s coming next Moore has eyes on a possible future as an artist. “My intentions with art are to later pursue it full time and hold art shows and exhibits.”

Wayne Moore with one of his art pieces

Through the past while, Moore has been posting his art on his social platforms, getting a lot of attention and has built some relationships with artists and when asked about his art-football relationships he shares, “It’s funny because most of my teammates don’t know I’m a creative, they’re always shocked. Vice Versa when my creative friends realize I play professional football, they are also in disbelief. I actually enjoy that. Its always me to express that I’m more of an athlete or even more of a creative but those two roles are significant to who I am.”

Vets Tanner Doll, Wayne Moore and kicker Sergio Castillo among ...
Moore with the Redblacks’ in the 2017 CFL season

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