University of Ottawa defensive back Judzer Paul more than an athlete, talks Jet Prep as JZ Media launches website to his meal prep company

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When you’re watching a football game, or any sporting event whether you’re at the game or watching it on television you cheer on your respective team and you hope for the best outcome for your team but so much has to go in to making that possible. The athletes, the coaches, the front office, the fans, and even the team staff has a big part in making sure every game goes smoothly and that they have an even chance at winning every week, though what they do around sports isn’t all they do. Sure what they do on the field, on the sidelines or in their office has a large part to what happens for your favourite teams but they do a lot off the field making sure that they can be set when their careers as athletes come to an end and a lot of these athletes are doing it as they play and as they go through with their athletic careers. One great example of an athlete that is doing much more than just his athletics and has started his own company is University of Ottawa’s Judzer Paul.

Paul is a defensive back at the University of Ottawa, and has been for the last few seasons, though he had to do a lot to get to the U-Sport level. Born and raised in Porte au Prince, Haiti Paul had always been one of the most athletic of the friend groups he’d been in. Moving to the Montreal area when he was 6 years old, he had been introduced to several ways he could use his athleticism and being in Canada that started with hockey, “Canada was very cold when I first came here, so I got to experience winter sports like hockey. I played a lot of hockey growing up.” Along with hockey, when he was 16 years old he had started to play football.

Judzer Paul - Hudl

To start his football career he played all over the field as an amazing athlete for Grizzly of Boucherville. His success there led to CEGEP opportunities in Quebec where he played at Lynx Edouard Montpetit. Unfortunately after CEGEP, Paul wasn’t exposed to much opportunity at the post-secondary level, though he didn’t want his football career to end right there, he walked on at the University of Ottawa and although he hasn’t played a single game for the Gee Gees, he’s had an amazing experience at UOttawa and hopes to prove himself in the 2021 U-Sport season. “Before coming to Ottawa, I didn’t have a lot of knowledge on the game of football and I was more of just an athlete but being a Gee Gee I’ve learnt so much and its taught me to work while nobody is watching and just improve as a football player.” Says Judzer Paul.

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Paul, while at the University of Ottawa, even-though he’s been so busy staying active and gearing up to be a starter on the Gee Gees next season has been able to create opportunities outside of athletics. “This January I started my first ever business, ‘Jet-Prep’, a meal prep company for athletes in Ottawa, aiming to help athletes save time and money with their meals.” Paul continued, “Even though I want to be an NFL or CFL player someday I’ve started up my won business to help for life after football.”

“Through Jet Prep, I’ve learnt a lot. I never knew how important it was to spend as much time on your academics and athletics as possible and I as I learnt that for myself I wanted to help the people around me and its helped so many athletes around this city of Ottawa.” Judzer Paul, as he goes into his last season at the University of Ottawa in 2021 hopes to not only grow as an athlete but as a business man. Jet prep has done extremely well in just one year of existence and with that success he has plans to grow Jet Prep and other companies from scratch.

To buy your Jet Prep meals and have them delivered to your Ottawa home, Judzer Paul will be happy to see your message on his website found linked to the photo below.

“Fuel your body with taste and keep the grind high”

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