“Its going to be a movie!” Ottawa Quarterback Wesley Tshimanga signs with Los Angeles Valley College Monarchs

Last week Wesley Tshimanga, an Ottawa-raised quarterback announced on his YouTube channel “Weezy Football” that he’ll be attending Los Angeles Valley College. Tshimanga spent the 2020 school year at the University of Ottawa where he originally signed to play however due to the COVID-19 pandemic he was never able to suit up for the Gee Gees. Although he hasn’t played in a game of football in over a calendar year and doesn’t have any experience at the collegiate level Tshimanga believes he can play in the NFL someday and is just one step closer to that goal by signing with the LA Valley College Monarchs. He said, “I’ve been training a lot recently. Learning everyday and I’ve been looking a lot better with my mechanics. When my coach (Myles Gibbon) posted a video and one of the coaches (at LA Valley) saw it I got a few messages from him. I did some research on the school and I’m just one step closer go playing on Sundays in LA.”

When Tshimanga got the messages from the coach at Los Angeles Valley College and did the research regarding the school he was sold on the opportunity. He is more ready than ever for the opportunity to play across the border and continue his football journey. “I’m focused.” Wesley Tshimanga commented in an interview with Jordan Zlomislic of JZ Media, “Its a big city, a big opportunity and my goal is to help the team win games, get my name out there and show everyone back in Ottawa that they can do it too.”

The YouTube video that included the news was posted on Tshimanga’s YouTube channel which he has used to help uplift the football community in Ottawa. He also has an educational instagram “QB1 Football” where he teaches the basics at the quarterback position, he said in an interview in January, “Its great being able to provide information to people around the world about football but one main reason why I do it is because I’m learning while I do it.”

Tshimanga mentioned, “If I can do it you can do it.” and continued, “It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. You can’t be comfortable with what you’re doing if you want to be great. You have to be uncomfortable sometimes and that’s what I learnt, we have some ballers in Ottawa. I’ve said it a lot on social media and on my YouTube but its true and I’m excited to be able to show what I’ve got across the border.”

Wesley Tshimanga will be joining Ottawa running back Julien Moore at LA Valley College and will be coached by former NFL linebacker Lester Towns. Towns played for the Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals and Miami Dolphins and has coaching experience at both the University of Alabama, Portland State University and Glendale College. He looks to make an impact as soon as possible under Towns and says, “I’m going to bring a different vibe. It’s going to be fun. We’re going to win a lot of games. Weezy Football stay tuned.”

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