Carleton Ravens receiver Tristan Ready makes name for himself as “Receiver Teacher”

Tristan Ready at Carleton University, Photo taken by Jordan Zlomislic at JZ Media

Tristan Ready signed to play football for the Carleton University Ravens in early 2020. The Ravens were getting a hometown, 6-foot-1, 195 pound receiver who has proven himself on the field at all levels including at football north, becoming the 4th ranked receiver in all of Canada and running a 4.50 40 yard dash, showcasing breakaway speed at the wide receiver position but they were also getting a terrific student in the class room and of the game. Ready, who had a 3.5 GPA leaving high school has been a student of the game of football since he can remember. He has always been very coachable and ready to learn more, but often it wasn’t the football coaches teaching him on the field, it was himself learning off of the field. “It sounds cliche but a good coach can change an athlete’s life and throughout my career I had a lot of great coaches but I also had a lot of bad coaches.” Ready said in an interview with Jordan Zlomislic of JZ Media, “When I was at football north I was trying my best to be the best receiver out there, to get the opportunity to play down south or get a good offer in Canada. To do that I needed to improve my game but it wasn’t that easy. I tried looking up as much information as possible about the wide receiver position and either there was no good information or the good information costs way too much.”

Tristan Ready found some information online about the receiver position to add on to all that he was learning from his coaches at Football North as well as other programs he has played at in the past but the experience of not finding enough information on the wide receiver position gave him an opportunity. During the COVID-19 pandemic, while most teams in Canada have had their seasons cancelled and haven’t stepped foot on a field in over a year, Ready launched an instagram account and a YouTube channel to help receivers around the world learn more about the wide receiver position. He in a sense created the platform he wishes he had when he was younger and now just a few months into the existence of “Receiver Teacher” it is shown that thousands of wide receivers around the world have also wanted a platform exactly like this for a long time. “Receiver Teacher” on instagram has now reached 18,800 followers, and the YouTube channel has hit over 2,000 viewers, some of the people seeing the work are actually professional athletes or college athletes like Ready himself. He said, “I’ve had some NFL, CFL and NCAA division one players and coaches message me and tell me how good the content is and how they are learning from it.” Tristan Ready told JZ Media, “My main goal has always been to stay informative, it is awesome to hear from people and know that it has been helping them but its also helped myself a lot as well.”

Ready will be suiting up to play his first season of University football with the Carleton Ravens this fall, and he’ll have his improved football I.Q to add on to all of the things he brings to the Ravens offence. Talking about his first season in University he said, “It’s going to be dope. I’ve learned a lot over the last year, and I’ve been training lots. This year will be my year to really prove myself and I’m excited to do so.”

When Tristan Ready says he’ll be proving himself, he’s not only going to be doing that for himself and the people at Carleton University but the thousands of followers he has built this past year as well as some coaches at the next level that have followed him and could have an opportunity for him. “My goal is to play pro, and I’ve built a following from some receivers coaches from division one programs and if I prove myself I can accomplish it.” he said.

While Ready believes coaching is in his future and with the Receiver Teacher platform he has created he only has a head start to it he is still very keen on accomplishing his goals set for himself and wants others to do the same. He said in the last quote of the interview, “Everyday do something to improve. As a person you should do at least one thing to do everyday to get better and work towards your dream. If you believe it you can do it.”

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