The Alain B. Cimankinda Story Part Two: Trusting the Process

Watch Alain B. Cimankinda, a 2021 CFL Draft pick of the Saskatchewan Roughriders talk about his long recruiting process where he eventually came just two sacks shy of breaking the Guelph Gryphons’ sack record. His coaches, teammates and mentors all have a large amount of respect for all that he’s over come over the span of his life, not only in football but in school and on the streets having grown up in the projects in Ottawa, Ontario.

Jean Sorphia Guillaume, Willy Pierre Dimbongi, JF Joncas, Joe Forchtner, Nathaniel Anderson, Uriel Kalenga, Afram Jolak, and Joey Kwasniewski all talked about Alain’s time around them during his football journey and how he continued to fight for success, never giving up. Jean Guillaume commented, “Alain’s journey is one that should be told to all of the kids in Ottawa that want to play football.”

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