Ottawa Redblacks sign three receivers including former XFLer Jordan Smallwood and Stampeder Michael Klukas, release two, Corey Tindal and Mickael Cote retire prior to CFL training camp

The last few months have been filled with transactions for the CFL’s Ottawa Redblacks and to start off the week this Monday was nothing different. The team had a total seven transactions made as we look just less two more weeks into the start of the 2021 CFL season when people will begin to come to Canada. The transactions included the retirements of both Mickael Cote and Corey Tindal, releases of Justin Hobbs and Darrell Williams as well as the signings of receivers Jordan Smallwood, Michael Klukas and Kendrick Rogers.

Of the seven transactions, those that stick out the most are the retirement of Corey Tindal, release of Darrell Williams and the signings of receivers Kendrick Rogers and Michael Klukas. Tindal, a 29 year old cornerback announces his retirement following three seasons with the Redblacks where he played in 49 games, making a total 200 tackles, three sacks and two interceptions. As a starting defensive back in Ottawa over the last couple of seasons this is a tough loss to swallow for Redblacks fans however with the additions of Abdul Kanneh, Marcus Roberson and more there should be enough depth to fill in for Tindal in 2021.

Alongside Tindal’s retirement, following the loss of Jalen Saunders the Ottawa Redblacks have also made public the signings of receivers Jordan Smallwood, Kendrick Rogers and Michael Klukas. Rogers and Smallwood come in as Americans with experience at high level division one schools, Rogers at Texas A&M and Smallwood at Oklahoma. They have since made ways onto NFL rosters and for Smallwood he played in the XFL as well Michael Klukas will enter Ottawa as a Canadian receiver with one 13 game season under his belt with the Calgary Stampeders. He provides more depth at receiver with Petermann, Coombs, Lewis, and Williams already there behind Sinopoli.

As for the release of both Justin Hobbs and Darrell Williams, although neither of them have stepped foot in Ottawa they could be tough players to let go. Hobbs, a 6-foot-4 receiver had lots of potential coming out of Tulsa while Williams spent time on the Los Angeles Rams offensive line previously. With the three signings at receiver and one similar fit with 6-foot-4 receiver Kendrick Rogers and the depth Ottawa has at offensive line even without Williams the team should be well off as is but should expect more cuts to happen at the filled positions like receiver, defensive back, linebacker and the offensive line position. With the team only allowing a certain amount of players into camp this year they will have to get to a certain number prior to July 10th training camp.

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