Ottawa Redblacks’ fan favourite centre Alex Mateas retires from CFL following 5 seasons with hometown team

This 2019-2020-2021 CFL off-season will be one to remember for fans, players, coaches, owners and reporters, except it will be remembered differently by everyone. For some it was awful to be away from the game of football for so long, for some it was good to regroup and freshen up for their future in the game but for a lot of players it was a blessing in disguise, finding their second life during the time. Alex Mateas, an Ottawa, Ontario native, University of Connecticut alum and long time Ottawa Redblack in the CFL was among those that found that second life during the time away from football. He found himself in the commercial real-estate business and will remain in the commercial real-estate business as he announced his retirement from the CFL this weekend.

Mateas was drafted first overall in the 2015 CFL Draft by the Ottawa Redblacks and has since played in 88 CFL games including 3 Grey Cup games, one being the 2016 Grey Cup he won with the Redblacks. At 30 years old Alex Mateas can look back at his 5 season CFL career with a big smile, knowing that he achieved his goals and had success doing so.

During an old interview with Jordan Zlomislic he quoted, “It has been unbelievable, a dream come true in fact. Almost no one has gotten the opportunity I’ve had, so I really try and remember how grateful I am. I get to see my mom, dad and my sisters and 30+ friends and family cheering me on and being so supportive at every game. I just want to play well, and make them proud, and playing for my home team is a dream come true!” when he was asked about what it was like playing for his hometown’s Ottawa Redblacks.

In his announcement this weekend on Instagram he had said,

Well RNation, it has been an absolute pleasure representing you on the field and I will forever be grateful for the experiences and memories. My decision to retire from professional football has been difficult and ultimately comes down to health for myself and my family.
The only part of the decision that is very difficult is leaving the Team, Organization and Fans… in general and with this timeline. 
To all the Fans, Teammates, Coaches, Friends, Foes, Competitors and everyone in between… THANK YOU

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