After retirements of Alex Mateas, Brad Sinopoli, J.P Bolduc and Ettore Lattanzio who will be the Ottawa Redblacks fan favourites for the 2021 CFL season?

This off-season the Ottawa Redblacks have been hurt by a number of retirements, in fact well over a dozen players have retired from the Ottawa Redblacks this off-season, some have been fan favourites as well. Losing players like Alex Mateas, Brad Sinopoli, J.P Bolduc and Ettore Lattanzio will not only affect the Ottawa Redblacks play on the field in the 2021 CFL season but will also question the team’s fans who their new favourite players are. Mateas, Sinopoli, Bolduc and Lattanzio have been key contributors for the Ottawa Redblacks on and off of the football field, having done a number of good deeds in the community while making plays on the football field, helping the team win games but taking a look at the 2021 Ottawa Redblacks roster there are still a good group of players that are active in the community and that have made big plays for the Ottawa Redblacks that should be or continue to be R-Nation fan favourites.

Some of those returning players would consist of original Redblacks Nolan MacMillan, Nigel Romick and Antoine Pruneau who have been with the team since the inaugural 2014 CFL season. Those players have not only been big factors to the team’s previous success on the football field but like Mateas, and those that retired have been active members of the communities in Ottawa. Another few players that have been active in the community during past seasons and the recent pandemic have also been Sherrod Baltimore, Nate Behar, Lewis Ward, Justin Howell, Dominique Davis, Abdul Kanneh, Brendan Gillanders and Avery Ellis. Alongside those that are in the community and have had success on the field, a lot of fans tend to go with who is having success now and who’s winning and eventhough there may not be your usual favourites like Diontae Spencer, William Powell or Jonathan Rose, players like DeVonte Dedmon, RJ Harris, Gump Hayes, Avery Williams, Jerminic Smith, Matt Nichols, Timothy Flanders, Akeem Hunt, Randall Evans, Micah Awe and Don Unamba may be in for big seasons and it is never too early to jump on the bandwagon before the Redblacks’ season opener on August 7th.

The 2021 CFL season will be weird for everyone, from the players and coaches to the media and fans there will be very few normalcy as we are still battling the COVID-19 pandemic however that does not mean that you cannot make adjustments to the CFL like you have for everything else the last year plus. Although some of your favourite players are no longer with the Redblacks you can make new favourites and there are several players to choose from going into the 2021 CFL season.

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