“They can expect a dawg” in Ottawa’s Brice Ebaneth at Kiski School in Pennsylvania

Over the recent years there has been a large growth and expansion in the talent on the football fields in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The nation’s capital has produced dozens of college football players, and even some professionals as of recent. Neville Gallimore and Eli Ankou each represent the city on the big stage in the NFL and on the rise to do the same is class of 2024 defensive athlete Brice Ebaneth.

Ebaneth is set to attend Kiski School in Saltsburg, Pennsylvania alongside Ottawa linebacker Maleek Russell who played there in 2020 and has had success playing football previously in Ottawa. He has played previously with the Nepean Eagles in NCAFA and the Ottawa Sooners in the OPFL but is ready to play on a bigger stage, he says, “I can’t wait to play at Kiski School to be able to get more exposure and opportunity to play against the top competition.”

At 6-foot-1, 190 pounds Ebaneth is a tall cornerback with plenty of potential. He has recently trained with both Coach Jean Guillaume of Maroons Academy in Ottawa and Limitless Era’s Iseah Montgiraud where he has gotten himself right in the football I.Q category, he’s gotten his fundamentals down and even improved his speed and abilities. Division one athletes Katley Joseph, Kervens Bonhomme and more have gone through similar training in Ottawa as well as CFL Ottawa Redblacks defensive backs Abdul Kanneh and Sherrod Baltimore.

Just recently he was able to showcase his talents in Montreal, taking part in the College Vieux Montreal Football practice on Saturday with Coach Jean Guillaume two division one athletes from Ottawa Ebenezer Dibula and Shakespeare Louis. NFL Draft pick Benjamin St Juste who is also a defensive back played with the CVM Spartans when he was in CEGEP prior to playing out his NCAA division one career with the Michigan Wolverines and Minnesota Gophers.

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