“I’m excited to show what I can do.” Ottawa’s Shakespeare Louis looks to do big things in freshman season at Robert Morris University

At 6-foot, 200 pounds Ottawa safety Shakespeare Louis is ready to make an impact at the NCAA division one level with Robert Morris University. He is described as “the most complete defensive player out there” by Coach Jean Guillaume who has mentored him on and off of the football field in Ottawa. He says, “He can play everywhere. I remember having him at linebacker, free safety, strong safety, defensive back, halfback, nickel and the best part about him is that not only is he the hardest hitter on the teams he’s on but he can also go into coverage.” The quote is from a JZ Media interview in January as a part of the Ottawa High School Football scouting reports that Jordan Zlomislic had put together, however the context remains the same in a recent interview with Louis himself.

After training with CEGEP College Vieux Montreal in Montreal on Saturday alongside other Ottawa rising stars Brice Ebaneth and Ebenezer Dibula Shakespeare Louis was asked about the player that Robert Morris can expect out of him come the fall, his answer: “They can expect a really hard hitting safety. I am not afraid to hit thats for sure.” but overall he is excited. He said to Zlomislic of JZ Media, “I am excited show what I can do.”

Eventhough he is a Canadian coming from the city of Ottawa Louis has two years of experience with the Clearwater Academy International Knights in Clearwater, Florida where he played “some of the best competition in the nation.” in his words, “It was a great experience for me to get exposure and show out of what I can do.” During the two seasons with the Knights he played under head coach Jesse Chinchar and played alongside fellow division one stars Akheem Mesidor, Brendon Barrow, Ajou Ajou, Geri Theodore, Ludovick Choquette, Tristan Marois, Albert Reese, Nickolas Tshivuadi, Ebenezer Dibula and more while also making a large impact of his own. In his final 5 games with the team he made a total 32 tackles, two interceptions and scored two touchdowns. He is clearly a big playmaker on the defensive side of the ball and given his flexibility to play anywhere on the defence and be consistent doing so he is set to be a big time player for the Robert Morris University football team starting as early as this fall when they kickoff their 2021 season.

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