JZ Media is headed to Texas! Jordan Zlomislic to cover Beaumont, Texas’ Cajun All-Star Bowl in February

(Ottawa, Canada) After doing an interview with Cajun Bowl’s executive director Bryan Beasley a few weeks ago; JZ Media has formed a media partnership with the The Cajun All-Star Bowl. The media partnership between JZ Media and The Cajun All-Star Bowl will consist with full coverage of the college all-star game from JZ Media with top news releases on its scouting of draft eligible Canadians from the Cajun Scouting Department. JZ Media will also assist with bringing Canadian content to the event both on & off the field.

The event will take place in early February, the same week as the Super Bowl. There will be 4 days total, including two practices and the game on Saturday February 12th in Beaumont, Texas at Lamar University’s football stadium. It will be one of the last opportunities for University athletes to prove their abilities on the football field prior to the NFL and CFL drafts in April. Just a couple of months into the off-season and weeks before the NFL Combine in Indianapolis and University pro days Bryan Beasley believes it is the “golden ticket” for athletes, he said in the interview with Zlomislic of JZ Media, “We are looking to use this game as a platform for players. We’re giving athletes the golden ticket when they are invited to play at the Cajun Bowl. They will have exposure to NFL and CFL teams at the event and really, the timing is perfect too. The NFL will have the Super Bowl the very next day and football fans can never get enough football, but what that also means is that the NFL season is over so the staffs around the NFL are focused on the draft. We will be the last of the bowl games before the NFL combine so it will be the last time some scouts see the players play against top tier talent before going into the draft.”

Of the players set to play in the 2022 Cajun All-Star Bowl will be a minimum of 10 Canadians from Canadian Universities and NCAA programs and over 22 players from Historically Black Colleges and Universities. With the main goal of the event being to provide opportunity to athletes that deserve it, the Cajun All-Star Bowl should generate some buzz very soon, having head coaches Melvin Spears and Hal Mumme already on board for the first edition along with a number of other coaches, and partners that will make the game great. JZ Media will look to generate as much buzz as possible surrounding the first edition of the Cajun All-Star Bowl as a part of CFL media and media coming from Canada. Leading up to the event Jordan Zlomislic will be writing consistent stories regarding the event, but what will be the main part of the JZ Media X Cajun All-Star Bowl will be during game week when Zlomislic will take photos and video throughout the week, creating content for the game’s social networks and putting together more for the JZ Media website.

Stay tuned for more on the 2022 Cajun All-Star Bowl and be sure to checkout the full interview between Zlomislic and Beasley from a few weeks ago to prepare for the content that will come in the future from the partnership.

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