“Working with JZ Media is amazing” Fanview, JZ Media collaboration to make waves in sports and entertainment

Based out of Ottawa, Canada, and ran by 17 year old Jordan Zlomislic, JZ Media has been a growing platform in the sports world. Known to be “A Media Source For The Athlete” Zlomislic has done everything from simple photoshoots, and short articles to sit down podcasts and documentaries with a number of athletes, taking multiple forms of media and making it his own, with his own intentions of helping athletes through the content created. 

The vast majority of the content created by Zlomislic, for both JZ Media and the athletes he works with goes on to be posted onto a number of different platforms. Instagram is a popular place to find a lot of JZ Media content, as are the jzmedia.ca website, YouTube, Twitter, and Tik Tok, but one struggle that Zlomislic has faced as a content creator as well as somebody that works with athletes would be, not having a central platform to post everything. 

That struggle ends now, and so does a lot of other small struggles faced in the media side of sports, not only for content creators like Zlomislic, but most importantly for athletes as well. 

JZ Media has recently begun working alongside a newly formed platform called Fanview based out of California which can very well save a lot of problems from the media side of sports, but also help athletes, and creators create names and personal brands for themselves. Fanview is a social media platform and tech startup designed specifically for sports and entertainment where athletes and entertainers are able to not only create a public profile for themselves with photos, videos and so much more but also create a potential form of income as well through exclusive content, merchandise, in-person events and more. 

Platforms like Fanview, and media sources like JZ Media have been seen before. It’s not like anybody hasn’t seen a social media platform or a documentary before, and both Chris Bailey, the founder of Fanview and JZ Media’s Jordan Zlomislic are well aware of that, however they are also very well aware that nobody has seen a platform do what both of them do, the way they do it and with the intentions behind what they do. 

A partnership between Fanview and JZ Media only makes the most sense because of the way that Zlomislic is able to utilize Fanview for his personal use, but also the connection made between the two intenties. Fanview is a platform designed to help athletes and entertainers with content, while Zlomislic is a content creator, who creates JZ Media content for athletes, and most importantly, content that helps athletes. 

The willingness to help athletes from both sides of this partnership is fantastic, and that is exactly why it could very well be the start of something special in the sports and entertainment world. In today’s sports world, it can make waves not only for the professional athletes that are already in the spotlight but with NCAA’s new Name, Image and Likeness regulations, Fanview and JZ Media are ready to work with collegiate and high school athletes as well. 

When talking about the partnership, where JZ Media is able to cover stories through Fanview, Fanview’s founder and CEO Chris Bailey said, “working with JZ Media is amazing.” and continued, “it has been fantastic so far (to be working with JZ Media), I think the first time (Jordan and I) talked, (Jordan) got Fanview up and down, left and right immediately and not only thought Fanview was was great but immediately saw a connection with what he is doing with JZ Media and we started talking about how we can fit together, it really made me excited.” 

About more of the partnership, Bailey included, “this can be an exciting partnership long term.” explaining, “I love (Jordan’s) ideas and (he’s) always bringing up a lot of great ideas to the table that are extrmely fantastic, and doable, and I really appreciate that. I want to continue to work with JZ Media where (Jordan) is able to tell athletes stories on Fanview and help athletes brand themselves on the Fanview platform. Ultimately that is all athletes want to do, and both Fanview and JZ Media empower that in sports, and can become an industry standard to help athletes from the media side of sports, in a way that hasn’t really been seen before.”

This JZ Media and Fanview partnership begins as something special, something interesting, and something new.

It is something that will grow over time, and that time starts now.

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