“Its gonna be a show” running back Devonte “the matrix” Williams in for a big game in 3rd start for Redblacks

On Friday the CFL’s Ottawa Redblacks, coming off of a bye week, will be playing against the Edmonton Elks at TD Place in Ottawa.

At 1-7 there are many around the CFL that have their doubts about the Redblacks, but with 10 games left on the season, there is plenty of time to “flip the script” and prove people wrong about the Redblacks. The players are still very bought into the organization, and there is still a lot of potential in Ottawa with who is in the locker room at TD Place this season, some could say all it needs is a spark.

This Friday’s game against the Elks could very well see that much needed spark for the Ottawa Redblacks, and don’t be surprised if it comes from the backfield from running back Devonte Williams.

When asked about the mindset heading into this week’s game, Williams told JZ Media’s Jordan Zlomislic, “its the same mindset week in, week out, get the win. We need to win, right now more than ever. It’s a win or go home kind of thing, I think it is almost like a playoff type of mindset we have to get to where we want to be this season.”

Williams got some action on the Redblacks offence earlier this season, and showed some flashes of what he’s capable of at the running back position, and really displayed to the world why his nickname is “the matrix”. In those two starts he had a total 118 rushing yards, 85 of which coming in the Redblacks home opener, where he averaged 7.1 yards a carry.

This season, the Redblacks have struggled with a lot offensively. It isn’t the way that you would have liked to see a change on offence, with veteran running back William Powell being placed on the injured list, however Devonte Williams could very well be a piece to this Redblacks offence that is needed, and he is “excited” for the opportunity. He said, “I’m just ready for the opportunity to keep doing what I love to do; play ball.”

If Williams does go on to have a big game this Friday against the Elks, you may be able to credit some of that to St. Petersburg, Florida artist Rod Wave and his new album which released last week. Williams says, “thats all I’m listening to right now, and it’s all that will be in my ears on game-day.” Or perhaps credit it to his relaxing bye week last week with his family, which included a fishing trip, catching close to 30 fish total as a family, 8 to 10 of which coming from Devonte (according to him at least…).

“It’s gonna be a show.” Williams stated while talking about this week’s game against the Elks. Tune in either in person at TD Place or on TV via TSN or ESPN, and be able to watch the show yourself.

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