“I love seeing it all together” CFL wide receiver Darvin Adams on customizing shoes during the off-season

From May through November, Darvin Adams was seen on the football field as a wide receiver for the CFL’s Ottawa Redblacks. He made a lot of big time plays for the Redblacks, finishing the season with a total 949 yards and two scores on just 63 catches. Now, during the off-season, he is being looked at as a creative, and hard working entrepreneur.

If you follow Adams at all on social media, you may have been seeing a lot of shoes on his instagram page recently, and a lot of cool shoes. Those shoes are all customized by Adams, and have started a business out of nothing for him to work on during this off-season.

He told JZ Media’s Jordan Zlomislic that it all started off with him wanting a customized pair himself. “I hit up one guy to have a pair made, and he said it was like $400 or something to have it done,” Adams said, “I ended up making my own, and began making a few more.”

He’s now customized close to 20 shoes this off-season, and has made it not only just a hobby, but is making it a business as well. Anyone can reach out to Adams to get shoes customized, all you have to do if you are interested is message him on instagram at @AdamsDarvin4x. When he was asked about designing and using his creative mind to customize the shoes, Adams told Zlomislic his favourite part of it all is watching it all come together. “My favourite part is taking the shoe a part, and seeing it come together. It’s cool to see it all happen when you work on the shoe and see the final product.”

If you haven’t already, be sure to look at some of the shoes Adams has already customized on his instagram page, and message him to get your own customized pair as well.

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