Michael “Pinball” Clemons praises fellow William and Mary Alumn and now REDBLACKS wide receiver DeVonte Dedmon

Pinball Wizard

Michael Clemons, the 54 year old Dunedin, Florida native is a Canadian Football Hall of Famer. Before he got his legendary status, Pinball was born into a young family which was built around 18 year old Anna Marie Bryant, his mother and his father Willie Clemons who was attending University during Michael’s early years. While his father was still pursuing his dream to become a school teacher, and not spending too much time with Michael, Michael and his mother were living in the city of Dunedin.

Living in Dunedin, Florida, there was a heavy dose of sports wherever you’d go, and Michael started to play football around 8 years old. He played for the Dunedin Golden Eagles who were a part of the Police Athletic League in the Dunedin area. He grew to love the sport of football, and got into in even more when he was in High School.

At the Dunedin High School, Michael Clemons was an all around great player! Playing all the positions he can, and not only could he play them, he was great at them too. As a great player at the sport, it was shown that he might have a future in sports. To have a future in sports, you must have good school grades, and that’s something that Michael had.

Michael Clemons went to play football and study at the University of William and Mary. At William and Mary, Michael Clemons was known for a few things, but mostly his ability on the field. In just four seasons spent with the University, he stacked up 4,778 all-purpose yards and was named an All-American as a running-back.

The All-American went out of university as a pro, he was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL in the 8th round in the 1987 NFL Draft.

Unfortunately for Clemons, his time with the Chiefs was limited to just one season, and was later signed to the 1988 Tampa Bay Buccaneer practice squad. After just two seasons in the NFL, it seemed like he wasn’t good enough for the pros, at 5’5 Michael might not of had the size to be in the NFL. The key was, he didn’t have the size for the NFL, but he was big enough for the CFL.

After having just 162 yards in the NFL, Michael bounced off tacklers like crazy with the Toronto Argonauts! Bouncing off defenders like a bouncy ball, Michael was gifted the nickname “Pinball”. The transition from the NFL seemed pretty easy for Clemons as he broke the record for most all-purpose yards in one season with 3,330 yards in just his second season in Canada.

With familiarity to the game up north, he and the Argos had a little fun with the game. Since he was named “Pinball”, the Argonauts PA group used The Who’s song “Pinball Wizard” whenever Clemons made a big play.

After all, it seemed as if “Pinball Wizard” was playing every play at the Argos games as Clemons went on to have an outstanding career in Toronto.

Pinball rapped up his fantastic playing career with 25,438 all-purpose yards, along with 85 touchdowns.

He got a lot of touchdowns, but he liked to get trophies too! Clemons was named a CFL All-Star twice in his career, and was the 1990 CFL Most Outstanding Player. Along with the MOP award, he won 3 Grey Cups as a player and later won 3 as a coach.

Yes, he was a coach! He instantly became a coach for the Toronto Argonauts after such a great playing career, his success was brought to his coaching one too. He was 67-54 as a Head Coach, winning 1 grey cup. After being a coach, he was brought in to be a part owner of the Argos.

As he capped off his playing and coaching career, he fell in love with Toronto and felt like that was his new home. Its only fitting to make it feel like home and let everyone know who you are, and by that he started his own campaign to help children and was also becoming a part owner with the Toronto Argonauts.

Based out of Mississauga, Ontario is the Pinball Clemons Foundation. Owned by Michael Clemons, the foundation is known to help people with no schooling, no hospitality, and even no home and Michael and his foundation have done a fantastic way of making that possible.

Michael Clemons has become a huge role model for so many young kids, not just athletes but all youth. With all that he’s accomplished throughout his life, I don’t see a reason why you wouldn’t look up to him.

One person in particular that was touched by Pinball would be DeVonte Dedmon. DeVonte went to the University of William and Mary where he was tought about Clemons and his football story. Dedmon has taken Pinball’s path and is now playing for the Ottawa Redblacks of the CFL.

DeVonte “Pinball 2.0” Dedmon

DeVonte Dedmon spent 5 seasons with William and Mary, recording 2,164 all-purpose yards along with 22 total touchdowns, and made a name for himself. That name is, DeVonte “Pinball 2.0” Dedmon. Out of University, Dedmon was not looked at any NFL teams, for any football player that is always the dream and sometimes it seems like the only possibility, although for Dedmon it was only one of the options.

After being undrafted, Dedmon was signed by the Ottawa Redblacks of the CFL where he’d be fighting for a returning role in the 2019 pre-season.

In the pre-season fight, Dedmon would be paired with both Troy Stoudermire and Ryan Lankford who are both CFL veteran’s at their respective positions.

Does veteran status mean much if the other guy returns a kickoff 100 yards for a touchdown? The question was answered by the REDBLACKS, touchdowns over veterans. In just his first ever CFL preseason game, DeVonte Dedmon returned a kick 100 yards to the endzone, talk about a debut!

After a great pre-season, Dedmon suffered a leg injury which would send him back home to rest.

After a few weeks of struggling kick returners in Ottawa, Dedmon was back in Red and Black. He may be on a team in pro football, but he hasn’t been into big talks, but it didn’t take long for him to be talked about!

In just his third regular season CFL game, Dedmon was back in the pinball talks! He faced off against the Montreal Alouettes, and he proved why he is in the league.

Dedmon returned 8 punts and 4 kicks in this game and returned one of each to the endzone. He returned a 111 yard kick return for a touchdown along with a 95 yard punt return touchdown. He ended the day with 377 special team yards on just 12 touches.

Unfortunately for Dedmon, his rookie campaign has been a little delayed due to an on going leg injury and his season may be done with just 4 games.

Although it is only 4 games, DeVonte Dedmon has put up record setting numbers, stacking up 858 all-purpose yards along with his two return touchdowns.

With these numbers, Dedmon turned some heads, and those heads weren’t just on the bodies of fans, but some legends too!

Fellow William and Mary alumn Michael Clemons is in shock of what he’s done this early in his football career.

One on One with Pinball Clemons

After last week’s meeting between the Redblacks and Argonauts, I was very lucky to get a conversation with Clemons about Dedmon’s success, and what he thinks about his fellow William and Mary alumn passing him in the books.

Lil Z: The Redblacks’ has a returner, he’s hurt right now but DeVonte Dedmon, he’s received the nick name “Pinball 2.0” and is on his way for a great career, what do you have to say about your fellow alumn from William and Mary?

Pinball: “Yes! I am so so proud of him (Dedmon) and so excited for him. I just got to meet him a few moments ago and had a great talk with him about his success and he is an awesome guy and deserves everything! I am officially the second best kick returner from William and Mary (Dedmon #1) and I’m proud of that!”

George Uko puts impact on game early, Redblacks offense deflates as they hand Argos’ their 2nd win of the season

The Ottawa Redblacks faced off against the Toronto Argonauts this afternoon at TD Place. The Redblacks’ family day game only got 22,489 fans, and the non-sellout may be a reason for the flat offensive performance.

With Jennings making his first start since the birth of his first child, the Redblacks were the favorites to win today’s game, and the favorites showed promise early on in the game.

Getting his first career interception, George Uko brought all of the momentum towards the Ottawa bench. Once on offense, Jennings went 2 for 2 for 22 yards towards Mossis Madu before throwing a 12 yard touchdown to Brad Sinopoli! The so called “not-used Sinopoli” caught his 3rd touchdown of the season tying Dominique Rhymes to lead the team.

After the game, I got a chance to talk to Uko about that interception, how it feels to get those two turnovers and what went through his head following his first interception.

Uko: “At first I was like ‘Damn I caught it!’ then I realized I had to run with it, and got tired a little bit. As a d-lineman , I don’t get to do it often, so I had fun doing it!”

Looking back at the rest of the game, that was really the only touchdown from the Ottawa offense. The defense stopped the Argos a good number of times, but the offense wasn’t having an easy time taking those turnovers and turning them into touchdowns.

The Redblacks’ went on to lose 46-17, while Lewis Ward stole the show, again. Ward was 3/4 from field goals, getting one rouge and one extra point conversion, which gives him 11 points on the day.

Bright spots of the loss

Sure, Lewis Ward is the one with most of the points at the end of the day, but we have an offense and defense too!

Although they gave up 46 points, the Redblacks’ defense started the day lights out! De’Chavon (Gump) Hayes was one of the additions to the team mid-way through this season, and today proved why we have him. Not just the tip-drill interception that he almost took to the house for a pick-6, but he had a few solid pass deflections to go with his 4 tackles on the day!

Along with Gump Hayes’ success on the day, the offense’s stars would be Jonathon Jennings, Mossis Madu and Dominique Rhymes.

Jennings made his third start of the season following a 200 yard performance just two weeks ago, and gave the Redblacks a reason why they signed him in the offseason. Jennings may have had a few questionable throws here and there, but he did end the day with 327 passing yards, 1 passing touchdown and 14 rush yards. If Jennings were to play like this every week for the remainder of the season, we may have a chance at the playoffs!

Along with the run game, running back Mossis Madu showed us that he is a pass catcher too! Madu got in rhythm early after catching 2 balls on the opening drive and went on to catch 12 of 14 targets for 80 yards while running the ball 6 times for 21 yards. With John Crockett placed on the 6-game injured list, we’ll have some fun watching Madu for which can be the rest of the season!

Redblacks sign three, cut one. Holley out vs Toronto and a few additions to the lineup this week

The 3-7 Redblacks are coming off a bye week which was placed last week, Labor Day weekend and are now looking forward to facing the Toronto Argonauts who are 1-9 going into this week.

Calgary Stampeders vs Ottawa REDBLACKS July 25, 2019 PHOTO: Andre Ringuette/Freestyle Photography

In just the past few weeks combined, there have been multiple injuries that have hurt this Redblacks team to win games, but this week they hope to change the sequence!

A little update from Tim Baines of the Ottawa Sun Sports media telling his readers who may and may not play this Saturday

In the tweet attached to this article, you will see Tim Baines mentioning that the Ottawa Redblacks will be missing Caleb Holley this week along with a possible Jerod Fernandez injury which could sideline him this week.

With Holley’s absence to the Ottawa Redblacks offense, you will be seeing wide receiver Jerminic Smith take the field.

Smith #83 makes catch at Tuesday’s practice in Ottawa, photo taken by Jordan Zlomislic

Smith played two seasons with the Iowa Hawkeyes before transferring to South Baptist University. At Iowa, Smith caught 29 passes reeling them in for 455 yards and two touchdowns.

Along with the injury problems in Ottawa, the Redblacks have also signed three players to the practice squad.


  • Signed American Quarterback, Bryan Schor, James Madison University
  • Signed American Receiver, Jaelan Austin, Texas Christian University
  • Signed American Linebacker, Nick McBeath, Holy Cross
  • Released Canadian Linebacker, Brandon Calver, Wilfrid Laurier

Former Redblack Diontae Spencer to return punts Monday night for the Denver Broncos of the NFL

After the CFL season ended last year, there was a solid group of CFL players going for workouts with NFL teams. Diontae Spencer was one of the CFL players trying to make the transition down south. The former Redblacks receiver had two straight seasons where he gained over 2,500 all-purpose yards in Ottawa.

Those yards include the outstanding record he has for all proffesional leagues, which marks up of 496 all-purpose yards in a single game. That game came against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on October 27th, 2017 which had been Week 19, where the Ottawa Redblacks were still fighting for a playoff spot. Diontae Spencer shattered Christian McCaffrey’s old record which was 461 all-purpose yards which he received in his 2015 season at Stanford where he also became the first Stanford running-back to rush for 2,000 yards in one season.

The Steelers were one of multiple NFL teams that brought him in for a workout this off-season, and they were the most pleased at the time.

On January 4th of this year, Spencer had signed with the Steelers. Diontae went on to train with the team for both mini camp and training camp where it also looked as if he’d have a spot on the 53 man roster.

The week of his first NFL game, I was lucky enough to interview Diontae about his time in Ottawa and the time he hopes to spend down south with the NFL.

Diontae Spencer went through training camp just fine, spending time with the players and coaches off the field, and showing what he’s got on the field.

Here comes the pre-season! Diontae Spencer goes into the pre-season as a player fighting his way onto the roster. Spencer was listed as the 3rd receiver on the left side in depth charts, and was making his ways up.

Making his ways up onto the depth chart was something he progressively did throughout the pre-season.

With the receivers group staying the same, the Steelers became more attached to Diontae’s abilities and moved him to the 2nd string left receiver for the final game.

Before the final pre-season game, Diontae only had 2 catches for a grand total of 17 yards. His hands weren’t the key thing looked at in camp though, Spencer’s 4.34 speed is electrifying and the Steelers fell in love with it this pre-season.

The offense used him as a flex receiver where he’d run reverses out of the backfield along with routes as a receiver. After his big performance last Thursday, Spencer’s pre-season totals added up as 4 receptions for 39 yards, 2 carries for 48 yards, 1 kickoff return for 35 yards along with 8 punt returns for 108 yards. Spencer ended his pre-season showcase with 15 touches for 230 yards.

Although us Redblacks and Steelers fans liked what we saw out of Diontae Spencer, the Steelers front office didn’t see enough to put him on the roster.

A roster spot may be tough to come by, but the Steelers and every other NFL team is granted 10 practice roster positions, and the Steelers offered Spencer a spot on their practice roster.

Photo of Diontae Spencer taken by: Charles LeClaire of USA TODAY

It may have seemed like a no brainer at the time to have accepted the spot, although there were a few transactions happening in the silence that Diontae Spencer was aware of.

Spencer happily declined his spot on the Steelers practice roster due to an opening on the Denver Broncos 53 man roster.

After Diontae Spencer had been waived by the Steelers, the Denver Broncos decided to sign the former CFLer to be a punt returner for the team.

Spencer and the Broncos will face off against the Oakland Raiders for Monday Night Football this week to open up the season.

Jonathon Jennings to start Saturday vs Toronto

The Ottawa Redblacks are coming off a bye week, and playing at TD Place this Saturday, September 7th against the Toronto Argonauts. The Ottawa Redblacks who are 3-7 will face off against their East rival, 1-9 Argonauts.

Two weeks ago, the Redblacks starting quarterback was Dominique Davis. After just one quarter of play against the Saskatchewan Roughrider defense, Davis’ numbers were 3/6 for 23 yards and 3 interceptions. Luckily for the Redblacks, Jonathon Jennings was warmed up and ready to go!

Jennings takes first team reps at Tuesday’s practice, photo taken by Jordan Zlomislic

Coming off the bench, Jennings threw a 75 yard dot to Dominique Rhymes which added to his totals to the 3 quarters of football, throwing for 208 yards and the touchdown to Rhymes.

Today at Redblacks’ practice, I was able to talk to Jennings about that opportunity in Saskatchewan.

“This means everything! Its exciting, and a great time to play football. The second half of the season, things amp up a little bit and it’s fun to be out there!”

In the past few seasons that Jennings has been around for, his game has been stopped from going to its full potential due to a few aging injuries, including a shoulder injury that sidelined him for the majority of the 2018 season.

Although injuries have hurt Jonathon Jennings in past seasons, but this year is different! Last game, Jennings shoulder looked great as he threw for a 75 yard touchdown pass!

“It was a fun way to get back on the field and make a play. Its been something I’ve been wanting to do, and to get out there to make a big play was great! It was a confidence booster, and something we want to build upon next week.”

This weekend, it was announced that Jonathon Jennings would be the starting quarterback of the Ottawa Redblacks this upcoming game against the Toronto Argonauts.

“I’m going to go out there, lead the guys and try and make big plays! We’re all motivated and we want to let everyone know we can make plays too!”

Last week the Redblacks were on a bye week, and during the bye week Jonathon Jennings and his wife had given birth to their first child, Ava Jennings. Now that Jennings is back off the bye, he’s got one more thing to think about, football!

“Our mindset is to go out and win! We don’t have enough wins right now to get us any where, therefore we’ve got to get on track get get a few wins. We’re focused on the wins right now, and we’re going to work as hard as we can to get the job done.”

Wood Cookie Sawcast Appearance

Today, I was asked to be a guest on the Wood Cookie Sawcast!

After having a great time on air with Redblacks fan, Rod Villagomez I found myself happy to have experiences like these as a 14 year old.

Checkout the link attached to the photo below to listen to the Podcast!

Former Redblacks in 2019 are killing it!

This off-season, the Redblacks lost a few big pieces to their roster which includes the 2018 starting quarterback, Trevor Harris.

After making it to the grey cup, it seemed as if we’d see a similar roster in 2019, but it was the opposite. On February 12th, 2019 CFL free agency officially opened, and the Ottawa Redblacks roster was ripped a part.

Edmonton Eskimos vs Ottawa REDBLACKS September 22, 2018 PHOTO: Andre Ringuette/Freestyle Photography

Although it seems February 12th was the day of big losses, when we lost Trevor Harris, Greg Ellingson, William Powell, Sir Vincent Rogers and Rico Murray, but it all started on January 4th, when Redblacks receiver Diontae Spencer signed an NFL contract with the Steelers. By the end of free agency, the Redblacks practically lost their whole starting offense.

How are they doing?

Sure these former Redblacks were good in Ottawa, but how would their careers play out with another team?

Well, that question was answered after week two!

Trevor Harris

After week two, Trevor Harris had thrown for 6 touchdowns on 744 yards, while rushing for two touchdowns on 16 yards.

After two weeks of 300+ yard games, Harris was loved in Edmonton, and he loved Edmonton back!

Now we fast forward to week 12, Harris leads the league with 3,481 passing yards and has the fourth most rushing touchdowns at 6.

Edmonton Eskimos’ quarterback Trevor Harris (7) throws as BC Lions defensive linesmen are blocked during a CFL football game at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, on Friday, June 21, 2019. Photo by Ian Kucerak/Postmedia

Harris doesn’t only have those stats to brag about, but he also has the least amount of interceptions thrown this season at 3, and he’s also beaten his former team the Ottawa Redblacks 16-12 in Edmonton.

William Powell

In Saskatchewan, William Powell has the most rushing touchdowns in the CFL with 9, and 3 of which came against his former Ottawa Redblacks.

The former Redblacks running back who rushed for 1,000 yards in two straight seasons in Ottawa is on pace to do the same out west.

The Roughriders are on a 5th game winning streak, where William Powell has a touchdown in the past 3 games, 2 coming in a 40-18 win over Ottawa last week.

As I mentioned, Powell is on pace to break 1,000 yards once again this season, with 8 games played, Powell has rushed for 597 yards and 9 touchdowns while catching the ball 19 times for 124 yards. With those totals, he only needs 279 all purpose yards to break 1,000 yards, which is possible to do in next week’s labor day special against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Greg Ellingson

This off-season, Trevor Harris signed with the Edmonton Eskimos, and it would only be fitting if he brought his favorite target with him.

Ottawa Redblacks’ Greg Ellingson THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang

Bringing in Ellingson was a huge signing for Edmonton, as he already has caught 53 receptions for 710 yards in just 9 games played.

Along with the season stats, Edmonton really fell in love with Ellingson after a huge week two outing where he caught the ball 9 times for 174 yards and two touchdowns.

Ellingson caught and ran for 1,000 yards in 4 straight seasons in Ottawa, and is on pace to do it a 5th time in different colors.

Diontae Spencer

Diontae Spencer was signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers on January 4th, but has only gotten the opportunities in August.

In Pre-season football, Diontae Spencer has played 3 out of 3 games so far, tallying up 2 receptions for 17 yards, 2 carries for 48 yards, 1 kickoff return for 35 yards and 7 punt returns for 103 yards.

Although he is listed as a wide receiver, Spencer has played all kinds of roles with the Steelers this pre-season, and they sure love seeing him run a reverse. Just last week against the Tennessee Titans, he ran a reverse for 29 yards showing his explosiveness he had here in Ottawa.

Just before his first pre-season game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I was able to talk to Dionate about his time here in Ottawa and what he has coming for his future, if you’d like to get to know Diontae before he becomes an NFL all-star checkout the link attached to this paragraph.

Bye week blues, Stats going into the bye, QB situation, RB depth and great play by Redblacks defense

The Redblacks head into a bye week this week after 3 straight losses to Edmonton, Hamilton and Saskatchewan which leaves them at 3-7.

Redblacks Kicker/Punter Jose Maltos tweets out about Redblacks 2nd bye week of the season

Stats and QB situation going into bye week number 2

Going into week 12’s bye, the Redblacks are 3rd in the East division at 3-7, while at 7th place in the league. Along with the Redblacks 3-7 record, Montreal who is second in the East sits at 5-4 while the first place Tiger-Cats are 8-2.

To go with the Redblacks bye week, Montreal also has a bye week this week.

The Redblacks have all eyes on the 1-8 Argonauts as they will play Toronto September 7th at 1:00 in Ottawa, a full week after the bye week. It may seem so far away, but the team needs this time to re-group, as we might see a change at the Quarterback position.

In 8 starts this season, starting QB Dominique Davis sits at 3-5 with 1,846 passing yards, 102 rushing yards and 10 total touchdowns. Although those numbers may look good, its missing one very important stat…

With 14 interceptions thrown this season, the Redblacks looked towards Jonathon Jennings last week following Davis’ 3 first quarter interceptions. Before last week, Jennings had two starts this season where he is 0-2 in.

In an attempt to comeback from a 20 point Rough Rider lead, Jennings passed for over 200 yards which included a 75 yard strike to Dominique Rhymes and Jennings also had 17 rush yards to finish up a very good game on his part which leaves Rick Campbell looking his way to possibly start next week against division rivals, Toronto Argonauts.

Along with our quarterback situation going into the bye week, our running-backs have had a very interesting season.

It all started with Mossis Madu, who’s started 5 games this season rushing and receiving for over 300 to go with a two point conversion in week two against Saskatchewan. After a huge performance in Calgary week one, rushing for 112 yards and receiving for two dozen yards it seemed as if he’d be the starter all season. With all eyes on Madu, the Redblacks brought in John Crockett to return kicks and back-up Madu in week 5 against Montreal.

In the match-up against the Alouettes, Crockett had a 31 yard kick return which would pair with 62 rush yards.

While Crockett had 93 all-purpose yards on just 13 touches, it gave the front office something to think about as the Redblacks faced off against Winnipeg a week later. Mossis Madu did not make the trip to Winnipeg, while John Crockett would start his first CFL game, rushing and receiving for 108 yards, Crockett was full-filling his great opportunity in Ottawa.

Now we fast forward to Today, August 26th, John Crockett just came off a game where he rushed for just 12 yards as he suffered an injury in his upper body. With this injury occurring in the first half, the Redblacks spent a full second half with Greg Morris at running-back. On just his second touch of the season, Greg Morris was turning heads, with a 19 yard rush which also ended in an unnecessary roughness penalty against Saskatchewan which led to a 34 yard gain for the Redblacks.

Unfortunately for Morris, the Redblacks were behind for the whole game, playing pass first where Morris wouldn’t be able to show his full potential. Even though Ottawa didn’t run the ball much, Morris found him self in the pass game also, catching the ball 6 times for 50 yards to go with his 28 rush yards and 19 yard kick return.

Morris finished the game against Saskatchewan with 97 yards on just 14 touches. If John Crockett’s injury sidelines him for another game or two, Morris will be a reliable back-up to Madu, or even if Crockett stays in the lineup, we don’t have to worry about the running-back depth.

Going back to the pass game, our receivers in Ottawa have yet found themselves showing their full potential.

With the team changing quarterbacks every few games, and struggling to spread the ball around, the Redblacks top receiver this season is currently Dominique Rhymes. Rhymes has 3 touchdowns this season, 2 going for 75+ which matches up with 621 receiving yards on 40 catches.

After Rhymes, the receiving group takes a big drop to Brad Sinopoli, who was a leading receiver a year ago is held to just 398 yards and two touchdowns.

With trust not an issue, Brad Sinopoli has yet to find chemistry with either Davis or Jennings which drops his record breaking 2018 season to one of his most unfortunate seasons yet.

After Rhymes, the Redblacks have another big play maker in the receivers group that may have been forgotten after missing time due to a knee injury. Receiver R.J Harris is finding himself in his second season with Ottawa, where he is hoping to be a leading receiver in the league, but heading into week 12, Harris has only played 6 games. Two of those 6 games, he has been injured, therefore his stats went down, and he now sits at 339 yards, and a touchdown on 27 touches.

Going past the offense and towards the defense, the Redblacks defense has one of the best secondary’s in the league, surrounding Jonathan Rose, Antoine Pruneau, Sherrod Baltimore, Corey Tindal and CFL veteran Chris Randle. The secondary has 5 interceptions on the season, but its only possible because of the pass rush and line-backing group the Redblacks have.

Calgary Stampeders vs Ottawa REDBLACKS July 25, 2019 PHOTO: Andre Ringuette/Freestyle Photography

With the Redblacks starting 7 containing Michael Wakefield, Avery Ellis, George Uko, J.R Tavai, Avery Williams, Jerod Fernandez and Anthony Cioffi, the team has 15 sacks and 10 fumble recoveries to go with the 5 interceptions in the secondary.

Along with the turnovers, the Redblacks defense have the second best tackler in the league with Avery Williams who has 68 tackles, 1 quarterback sack, a forced fumble and 3 fumble recoveries. The second year linebacker has found himself in a great position in his career, where he may receive an award for being such a great defender on the Redblacks defense.

Tune in September 7th

On September 7th, the Redblacks are back from their bye week and facing off against theToronto Argonauts at 1:00 at TD Place.

This East rivalry game is also going to be the Redblacks’ Family Day game, where the Redblacks will showcase activities for kids while they will also have the opportunity to meet their favorite super heroes and characters from their favorite shows, such as Spider man, Iron man, Paw Patrol and Sponge Bob!

Come out to TD Place September 7th to cheer on your Redblacks and meet your favorite super hero!

Redblacks drop like flies as William Powell and Roughriders take 40-18 win over Redblacks

The Ottawa Redblacks went to Regina, Saskatchewan to visit the Roughriders on Saturday, and their visit wasn’t too long.

After the first quarter, starting running back John Crockett was out due to a shoulder injury while Jonathon Jennings was taking over for Dominique Davis who’d thrown for 3 interceptions in the quarter.

Photo of Stefan Logan at Redblacks practice, taken by Jordan Zlomislic

Nearing the end of the half, things started to brighten up in Saskatchewan, as Jennings connected with Dominique Rhymes for a 75 yard touchdown and Lewis Ward going 2/2 leaving the half down by 12.

After a promising second quarter, the Redblacks defense continued to show potential, while the offense leaned towards Lewis Ward going 2/2 in the second half.

After ending his previous streak last week against Hamilton, Ward’s new streak has already improved to 6 straight field goals!

Bright spots

Other than another huge performance by Lewis Ward, the Redblacks have shown us some great football! It may not seem like a great football game on the scoreboard, but the guys on the field are pushing to get every yard possible, no matter the score and it has been proved.

Running back depth

Early in today’s match up, John Crockett went down with a shoulder injury which would sideline him for the rest of the game.

OTTAWA, ON – JULY 25: Ottawa Redblacks running back Greg Morris (22) receives a kick during Canadian Football League action between the Calgary Stampeders and Ottawa Redblacks on July 25, 2019, at TD Place at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa, ON, Canada. (Photo by Richard A. Whittaker/Icon Sportswire)

Lucky enough for the Redblacks, backup Greg Morris had a 19 yard rush moments after Crockett’s injury.

Even though it was a pass first game for the Redblacks, Morris was able to show off what he’s got in the run game and a little pass game!

The Canadian back finished the night with 7 carries for 28 yards along with 50 receiving yards on 6 catches.

After a big 11 touch game for Morris, the Redblacks might lean towards him if Crockett’s injury sidelines him after the bye week.

Jennings, the starter?

Going into the game, quarterback Dominique Davis was 3-4 as a starting quarterback this season, while Jonathon Jennings was 0-2.

After a quarter of play, Davis was 3/6 for 23 yards and 3 interceptions. The unfortunate stats lead to Jennings getting the nod to lead the Redblacks to a hopeful comeback.

Down 20 in the second quarter, Jennings led the Redblacks to 3 scoring drives to close out the half along with a 75 yard connection with Dominique Rhymes.

Jennings ended the game with 208 yards and a touchdown while rushing for an additional 17.

As the Redblacks head into their second bye week of the season, they will decide whether Jennings or Davis will start against Toronto on September 7th at TD Place.

Special Teams win championships?

Last week, Lewis Ward ended his field goal streak at 69 straight field goals made, but he and the special teams came back and started the streak from scratch.

Lewis Ward went 4 for 4, kicking a longest 44 yard field goal in tonight’s loss to Saskatchewan as he extends his new streak to 6 straight field goals.

If you want to win a Grey Cup, you’ve gotta have more than a kicker and the Redblacks have a whole group of specials! Along with Ward, the Redblacks punter, Richie Leone had 6 punts for 305 yards while he kicked a 65 yard punt.

Saskatchewan has former NFL punter Jon Ryan out there, but we have someone to return his kicks, that would be Stefan Logan this week.

Logan, a 38 yard returner who goes by “Age is only a number” shows off all his speed as he achieves the 4th most return yards in CFL history with his 243 return yards to go with his 54 yard punt return with seconds left in the week 11 battle.

With the Redblacks heading into a bye week, we will wait until September 7th at 1:00 to see our special teams take on the Toronto Argonauts at TD Place.

John Crockett and George Uko are back in the lineup as Redblacks travel to Saskatchewan

Going into week 11 of the CFL season, the Redblacks are 3-6 and going up against the 5-3 red hot Saskatchewan Roughriders.

The Roughriders are on a 4 game winning streak while they face-off against your Redblacks who are on a 2 game losing streak at 7:00 on Saturday night.

Looking back at it

The Redblacks have already played the Roughriders this season, a 44-41 win for Ottawa for the Redblacks home opener.

In the game on June 20th, the Redblacks Dominique Davis threw for 354 yards and 3 touchdowns while Lewis Ward went 6 for 6 to set up a few massive defensive plays which added up to six tackles for Chris Randle, Jonathan Rose and Danny Mason.

Whats new about tomorrow’s game?

In the last meeting against Saskatchewan, the Redblacks offense was missing a spark. That spark being at the running back position.

When we last played the Roughriders, Mossis Madu played at running back and rushed for just 50 yards. This week, we’ll see John Crockett back in the lineup as the Redblacks face off against the western opponent

What to look forward to

Receiver Caleb Holley is on his old turf

For the last few seasons before 2019, Caleb Holley has played for the Roughriders, where he caught for over 1,000 yards just last year.

This week, Saskatchewan welcomes Holley back to play against him while he wears red and black. This might be a big outing for Holley after a game last week where he caught for over 70 yards.

John Crockett is back

John Crockett, who has 394 rush yards in just 4 starts will be back in the lineup after missing last week’s game due to injuries.

John Crockett is yet to have a 100 yard rush game, and this might be his perfect opportunity.