Serderius Bryant’s path to success, unlike many others

Midway through the 2016 season, on August 3rd the Ottawa Redblacks signed both Serderius Bryant and Nicholas Taylor. The two defensive standouts had great careers in Ottawa, but what it took for Bryant to get to Ottawa was unreal.

Serderius Bryant, the 5’8 210 lb linebacker spent his early days in Sanford, Florida. In Sanford, Bryant didn’t see his father until later in his childhood therefore was raised by his mom, Shonda Bryant. Sanford also wasn’t the safest place for a child, with the crime rate among the highest in the USA there wasn’t great odds to be able to stay out of trouble.

In an interview with Bryant he stated, “My support system and the people around me helped keep me motivated, but in real talk it was the obstacles I went through that really made me stronger and made me push my way through the hard times.”

Although the odds weren’t great for Bryant, he was aware of his surroundings and he made a way out of Sanford. In high-school, Serderius found himself playing all sports displayed to him and he made great light of it.

Although he played multiple sports throughout his high-school days, he excelled highly at the sport of football. Even though Bryant stood at just 5’8, he played hard and fast at the linebacker position, and he turned enough heads to receive multiple NCAA offers. At Seminole Secondary School in Sanford, Serderius was among both Ray Ray Armstrong and Kadeem Edwards going to the NCAA for football. Serderius Bryant signed with and played with the University of Mississippi, where he played linebacker from his Freshman season all the way to his senior season.

In an interview with Bryant, I asked what it was like to play college ball even after the tough times he went through and he later said, “It was a blessing, to actually pull through and play there was awesome. As a kid, I talked up a storm about how I’d do it, but going through it and winning a few championships was a big deal for me. The team we had at Ole Miss was awesome, it was a big family and after beating Alabama, it was as if we won the title.”

At Ole Miss, Bryant played over 48 games, and in the final two seasons he came to play. In both his Junior and Senior season he combined for 143 tackles (20.5 for loss) along with 3 forced fumbles, 3 sacks, 2 pass deflections and one interception.

The numbers he finished his college career with were just enough to get some professional teams on board with Bryant’s story and his future. After going drafted in 2015, the Dallas Cowboys wanted to see Bryant’s potential and later offered him a try out. Unfortunately for his potential NFL career, he was also offered a full contract with the Hamilton Tiger Cats in the CFL.

With the decision between a full contract and a try out, Bryant took the contract with the Tiger-Cats where he would play the 2015 pre-season.

In the pre-season, he dealt with minimal playing time, unable to show the CFL exactly what he has to offer, but he was still able to put up decent numbers. Even though he put up decent numbers, the small amount of playing time left him going back to Sanford. Serderius Bryant had been cut from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and did not receive another contract offer until 2016 where the Ottawa Redblacks were looking for defensive help.

After spending a full month on the Redblacks practice roster to learn the playbook and Canadian rules, Bryant played his first CFL regular season game on September 23rd when the Redblacks hosted the Toronto Argonauts.

In his first game played, Bryant pulled through with one defensive tackle. After getting just one tackle in his first game, Bryant was getting the Redblacks defense prepped for the playoffs, as he finished the 2016 regular season with 18 tackles and a fumble recovery in just 6 games played.

Finishing the season with 18 tackles, Bryant and the Redblacks made there way to the East-Final where they matched up against the Edmonton Eskimos who crossed over to the East in 2016. In the East Final, Bryant and the Redblacks defense held the Eskimos to just 23 points, and the Redblacks were headed to the 2016 Grey Cup.

Going into the Grey Cup, the Redblacks were the obvious underdog. The team being 8-9-1 playing against the 15-2-1 Calgary Stampeders. The game on November 27th 2016 was something special for Bryant, and many other players although Bryant already had won a championship in both high-school and university, with a win in the Grey Cup, he would add a professional championship to his name too.

Making a small but effective impact to the Redblacks Grey Cup win, was Serderius Bryant. He got just 2 tackles, but recovered a fumble in the 2nd quarter which gave momentum to the Ottawa offense which ended up scoring a touchdown off the turnover.

In the talk I had with Bryant, I got him to walk me through that play, “It was just one of those plays, I wasn’t running at full speed and I was caught slacking a little bit, but when Jake Harty came running, I pretty much came running too, cause I knew he was going to make a play, and I was just there at the right time. It was a great time too, as I had a great celebration, it was a great experience to have that happen.”

Making enough of an impact in the game, the Redblacks went on to beat the Stampeders 39-33 in overtime.

As a player who likes to talk game on the field, Bryant explained, “Bo Levi was by far the easiest player to chirp. When we played the Grey Cup, Bo Levi was the best player in the league, and he never threw more than two interceptions in one game and then he met me. I was talking to him throughout the whole game, and I believe it really made a difference. As a quarterback who never threw more than 2 interceptions in one game and go on to throw three in the biggest game of his career, you know there was something wrong with him, and it was the bird on the field chirping into his head.”

Coming back after the big Grey Cup championship, Bryant was groomed into a starting job in 2017 for the Redblacks and in the starting position for the majority of the games, he was able to tackle over 56 players, along with forcing 2 turnovers.

Unfortunately, the Redblacks were knocked out of the playoffs after just the first round, although in the game, Bryant had 3 tackles to pair with a fumble recovery.

After a mediocre season in Ottawa, Bryant went on to be unsigned as a CFL free agent and would later find his life after football.

Even though he would go unsigned by the Redblacks, Bryant later talks highly about the Redblacks fan base and the city itself, “The fans in Ottawa are the best. I played for two teams in the CFL both Hamilton and Ottawa, and Ottawa’s fans take the win by a long mile. It’s more a family oriented fan base, the team was a big team and the fans were a part of the team. Even when I walked around the city you felt that way too, everyone was so nice and when you seen a fan, they were so genuine about everything and it really felt like a winning city.”

Ottawa REDBLACKS Grey Cup Parade November 29, 2016 PHOTO: Andre Ringuette/Freestyle Photography

Before being unsigned and out of football, Bryant had a lot of experiences within the time played in both the NCAA and CFL where he can reflect on, and in the interview I had with him I asked who the best offensive lineman he had to go up against in his career, “I played against a lot of big guys in my career, but Joel ‘Big Fig’ Figueroa was one of the best! When we played against him at Miami, I knew he was a great athlete but going up against him one on one, he is one of the most powerful players I went up against, his drive to protect his QB is something else and one of the best things about him is he talks a little big of trash back, so the matchups were fun too.” (Joel Figueroa now plays for the B.C Lions)

After one season unsigned, Bryant started helping younger athletes succeed as a personal trainer in his hometown of Sanford, and with that already started up, he also is about to start up his own CBD selling brand named Burd’s CBD.

I asked Bryant if the dream has left and been out the window, but he said back “The dream will never be done, I’ll always be in shape and ready to play football, we just have to wait on it to happen.”

Bryant working on his craft, getting ready for his next opportunity

Second week without Redblacks football, what to look forward to this off-season

The Redblacks season may have ended on November 1st after the last regular season game against Montreal, but as Redblacks fans the season should never end.

Throughout the calendar year, there are so many things to keep tabs on as football fans, and for Redblacks fans, we’ve been extra busy keeping tabs on the team’s news. The Redblacks season is finished, but we still have some former Redblacks players playing in the playoffs or even the NFL, and to pair with former Redblacks, there’s also so many future Redblacks players playing U Sports or NCAA football, so in conclusion to this point, there’s so much you can be doing this off-season related to Redblacks football.

CFL Playoffs

In this year’s CFL playoffs, the Redblacks aren’t in it, but there are many players and coaches associated with the Redblacks in the hunt.

Going into the CFL Final round of the playoffs, the matchups contain of Winnipeg vs Saskatchewan (West Final) and Hamilton vs Edmonton (East Final).

In the two games being played this coming Sunday, a total of 21 former Redblacks will either take the field or stand among the sidelines.

As Redblacks fans, you cheered for them in Red and Black, so now that the Redblacks season is no longer, you can cheer for the 21 former Redblacks this Sunday.

NFL Football

Most of CFL fans in Ottawa didn’t really have a CFL team until the Redblacks came back to Ottawa, and in that time all you had was NFL football to watch.

Now with the Redblacks in town, you can have a reason to watch NFL football. There are former Redblacks in the NFL!!!

As of the last NFL season, Brett Maher, the former Redblacks kicker made a name for himself when he beat out pro bowl kicker Dan Bailey for the Dallas Cowboys kicking job.

Along with Maher playing ball in Dallas, Diontae Spencer the former receiver/returner for the Redblacks is now a kickoff and punt returner for the Denver Broncos.

NCAA/CIS football

All of the players on CFL rosters had to go to school, and so do the future CFL players. Before seeing future CFL stars light up Canada professionally, you can watch them develop in University football.

Both the NCAA and the CIS are starting and finishing their bowl games about now, and it is the perfect time to watch these young players play at their full potential, and not only can you watch everyone play, but you can also look closer at the players among the Redblacks negotiations list.

On the Redblacks negotiations list is,

Floyd AllenWROle Miss
David BloughQBPurdue
Rashard DavisWRJames Madison
Eric DungeyQBSyracuse
Luke FalkQBWashington St
Charles HarrisDEBuffalo
Deonte HarrisWRAssumption College
Devlin HodgesQBSamford
Malik ReedDENevada
PJ WalkerQBTemple

A few of the players listed have already made their way to the NFL, although a few of the are still in NCAA games this season, so if you’d like to see who’s going to ball next for the Redblacks, you can be a scout for the off-season.

Free Agency

This season hit hard for many Redblacks fans, and a few of them already gave up on the team, but it’s way too early to give up. This season was a great learning experience not only for us fans but also the front office. After not making a lot of moves last off-season, the scouts, and managers learnt that we have to make more moves to become a better football team.

To add or replace to the team we have right now, this coming March the CFL free agency period will open once again, and the Redblacks will indeed get an identity which laced this season.

Former Redblacks light it up in Grey Cup Playoffs

On November 10th, the 2019 Grey Cup Playoffs had begun. To begin, the bracket gave both Saskatchewan and Hamilton bye weeks as they would be playing the winners of the Semi-Final round.

In the semi-final round, we saw Winnipeg and Calgary fight it out in the west, while Edmonton crossed over to the east to play Montreal and both games brought light to former Redblack players.

East Semi-Final

To start up the CFL playoffs was the 12:00 game between the Edmonton Eskimos and Montreal Alouettes. In this game, Trevor Harris, Greg Ellingson, Josh Johnson, Sir Vincent Rogers, Travon Van, Jamill Smith and Mike Moore would all face-off against both Chris Ackie and Jeremiah Johnson.

Between the former Redblacks players, a turning point to the game had been made. Before the game, everyone’s eyes were on the East’s Montreal Alouettes and star quarterback Vernon Adams. Early in the game, Former Redblacks quarterback, Trevor Harris completed 22 consecutive passes which set up for another phenomenal playoff outing. Coming back from the playoffs last season, where he threw for 6 touchdown passes in the East-Final, Harris was back firing the ball again for over 400 yards on 36 completions, while just 3 passes fell incomplete.

One more former Redblack who made change on the Eskimos offense was receiver Greg Ellingson, who rests as Harris’ top target. Ellingson caught 8 of 9 targets for 125 yards which would bring him back to previous playoff match ups from his time in Ottawa, catching the ball for over 100 yards in 3 playoff games in Ottawa which add to his totals with a total of 50 playoff catches for 915 yards and 4 touchdowns. If Harris wants to go further in the playoffs, his best bet is to throw it his way!

Although it may seem lie the offense does all the work, it is not true, as the Eskimos kick return game is what set up all of these big plays by Trevor Harris and company.

Former Redblacks receiver and Returner Jamill Smith who was signed by Edmonton earlier in the week returned 9 punt and kick returns for a grand total of 165 yards including a 27 yard kickoff return which was his longest on the day.

On the defensive side of the ball in Edmonton, three turnovers were a big turning point to the semi final game. All three were forced by former Redblacks’ corner back Josh Johnson who tallied up 3 interceptions over the weekend.

As a finalization to the east semi final, the Edmonton Eskimos would move on to Hamilton after beating Montreal 37-29.

West Semi-Final

Over 24,000 fans came to watch the Winnipeg Blue-Bombers and Calgary Stampeders face-off in Calgary on Sunday, and for the Blue-Bomber fans making the trip down, it was much worth it!

Within the two teams, there were just a few former Redblacks players making starts, but the ones that did made some plays.

Between the two rosters, it was just Nick Taylor and Adam Berger from the Redblacks history making their appearances, and one of which played a big part to the West Semi-Finals.

Later in the game, when Calgary was looking to get back into the game, all their hope was denied by what was Bo Levi Mitchell’s 3rd interception of the game intercepted by former Redblacks halfback, Nick Taylor. To pair with his interception, Taylor also recovered a kickoff for 15 additional yards.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ Nick Taylor (25) intercepts the pass intended for Montreal Alouettes’ Quan Bray (4) during the second half of CFL action in Winnipeg, Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/John Woods

Scott MacDonell looks back at his time in Ottawa, and what’s next for him

In the 2014 CFL draft, Scott MacDonell was selected to play for the Ottawa Redblacks. The Montreal native was hoping to repeat what he did at Queens, but the rookies goals came behind the team’s as they were looking to gain attention after the city’s disappearance from football. The 2014 season was Ottawa’s first time an Ottawa football team stepped field since 2006, when the Ottawa Renegades folded.

The Redblacks attempt to a big comeback in the first year of their existence fell short… really short. The 2014 Redblacks finished the year 2-16, although they did show a lot of hope towards their fans, Ottawa’s rookie receiver started his career off great. MacDonell caught the ball 13 times in his rookie campaign turning them all into 181 yards and a touchdown.

Year two for MacDonell started to build memories more than build stats, as the signings of Greg Ellingson, Brad Sinopoli, Ernest Jackson and Chris Williams added fire power toward to Ottawa Redblacks pass game. With playing time diminished, MacDonell only put up 2 receptions for 26 yards.

In the 2015 season, Ottawa brought in a big group of players that would play with Scott MacDonell, and out of the group coming in, one of them Ernest Jackson became one of Scott’s favorite teammates. MacDonell looks back “We had a lot of interesting guys here in Ottawa and on other teams I was a part of, but E Jack was something else. One time I saw him walk past Marcel Desjardins and in full stride he looked back at him with a big emoji looking face and it may have been one of the only times I saw Marcel laugh during a practice. Slim Jim Jack was just one of those guys that brought energy and humor to the serious game. He was definitely one of the most interesting guys I’ve played with.”

It was tough for MacDonell to get involved with the offense as the team kept growing and getting better, but the additions of these players helped Scott win championships.
The comeback, which gave all of Ottawa hope towards their football team was led by veteran quarterback Henry Burris, who led the Redblacks to two straight Grey Cups in ‘15 and ‘16. Although it seemed like a one man show at times, Burris wouldn’t of been able to do it all without the rest of the team, such as Queens’ product, Scott MacDonell.

Out of the two Grey Cup appearances in MacDonell’s career, he won the second one in 2016 against Calgary and he used the word “Focus” to describe it “We showed up to Toronto with a purpose and we had to focus on our goals all week.”

From his last season at Queens University, MacDonell caught for over 450 yards and 4 touchdowns, so when his playing time was reduced here in Ottawa, it may have taken a little bit of time to adjust to the new roles because of his previous success.

– #83, wide receiver Scott MacDonell. Ottawa Redblacks training camp at TD Place Friday, June 2, 2017. Julie Oliver/Postmedia

For MacDonell, the adjustment didn’t need much time , as when he was placed onto special teams, he forced over 10 tackles and a fumble recovery in both 2015 and 2016.

After winning the Grey Cup in 2016, the Redblacks brought MacDonell back for the first few weeks of 2017, but once the 2017 season was in full swing, the Redblacks made a decision which would end in Scott MacDonell being released by the team.

MacDonell was back in Ottawa this past week at the Redblacks home finale in 2019 and he explained “My time here was incredible. I don’t think I took enough time to appreciate it when I was here but now that I sit in the stands here today, I’ve reminisced so many memories that were built here at TD Place. Even when I look back at it, I had so many ups and downs in my career, but the fact that I won a Grey Cup, is unreal and to think that there were ever bad times is crazy when you look at all the great times.”

Unfortunately, MacDonell has just gotten one stint with the Edmonton Eskimos since the departure from Ottawa, and he’s begun to move on from football. Although he hasn’t oficially called it quits on his football career, he is now working with technology “Right now, I’m working with a company called Insight who is a computer company. They’re Microsoft’s number one global partner along with one of CISCO’s main partner and we do a lot of security and data. I am very interested in my IT field, and the way I spread positivity, I believe that I can grow into a company in future years.”

Even-though he is not a part of football on the field, he’s trying to find his way into football off the field. “I started Project Play-maker, I’m trying to help out a lot of younger athletes in my area, where I do my best to help them grind off the field. In football, you show up to your team and your coach and to be physically fit is not the responsibility of your team, in fact it’s your responsibility to be ready to play, and with Project Play-maker, I’m hoping to get these guys ready for their next seasons.”

While Scott starts to build his coaching skills with “Project Play-Maker” look out for Scott MacDonell in coaching jobs as there is a possibility that he coaches here in Ottawa or some place else in the CFL

Redblacks and Rick Campbell part ways going into 2020 season

In 2014, hope was given to football fans in the Ottawa area as the CFL was back in Ottawa with the Ottawa Redblacks. To lead the new team was coach Rick Campbell, son of all-time great CFL coach Hugh Campbell who won 10 grey cups as a player and a coach. Not only was Rick the son of Hugh, but he was also an assistant coach with him in Edmonton along with finding his own jobs in Calgary, Winnipeg and Oregon.

Hope may have been given, but the 2014 season was unable to meet the fans expectations as they went 2-16 in their inaugural season. It may have been their inaugural season, but the 2-16 finish wasn’t the best thing to look at for football fans in the area.

Fortunately for the Redblacks and its fans, they wouldn’t have to look at losing records for much longer. Both Rick Campbell and GM Marcel Desjardins worked together to sign some big names, and the 2015 Redblacks who were led by quarterback Henry Burris went to the 103rd Grey Cup in Winnipeg.

A 12-6 record and an east division title granted Rick Campbell the award of the CFL coach of the year in 2015. Although the team received multiple awards going into the big game, they were unable to pull through with the victory. The team lost 26-20 to the Edmonton Eskimos, and Campbell was promising the city of Ottawa to believe in them for the 2016 season.

Luckily for Campbell, the fans didn’t need any promises, in 2016 they were loud and proud cheering for a 2016 Redblacks team who were looking better than their 2015 selves. Finishing 8-9-1 looked tough compared to the previous year, but the team won the east and played like a team going all the way to the 2016 Grey Cup.

Just moments before the game had started, Henry Burris was injured during warmups, although he explains to coach Campbell that he’s okay to play. Campbell was in the thought process of either sticking with Burris or getting backup quarterback Trevor Harris to run the show at the Grey Cup. Although t may have been a tough choice to make, he without a doubt stuck with the veteran quarterback, and his decision to keep Burris in for the game came back to achieve him as they won Ottawa’s first Grey Cup in 40 years 39-33 in overtime against the firing hot Calgary Stampeders.

Since the Grey Cup win, Campbell has brought the team to the playoffs twice, going to the Grey Cup in 2018 but losing to Calgary. He came into the 2019 season without a definite starting quarterback, and many big pieces from the previous season.

After playing in the Grey Cup the previous year, the Redblacks went through 3 starting quarterbacks throughout the 2019 season who combined for 3 total wins on a 3-15 record to close off the season.

With most of his amusement gone after a depressing 2019 season, Campbell decided to part ways with the franchise after his 6th season as the head coach.

Campbell finished his time here in Ottawa with a 43-63-2 record along with 3 Grey Cup appearances (2016 Championship) and a 2015 coach of the year award.

Redblacks prepare for season finale in Halloween costumes

As the Redblacks came into work for the final practice of the season, there’s a high possibility taht you wouldn’t be able to tell who the players really were. Yes, the team had been shaken around throughout the season, but at what point did we sign Forrest Gump?

Well, we all know Gump played some running back at the University of Alabama, but when he came to Ottawa as a kicker most were surprised.

Shown in the picture displayed is, Richie Leone as Forrest Gump, and Michael Klassen as Hulk Hogan.

On the football side of things, Leone was announced to be the Redblacks’ candidate for special teams player of the year. Along with Leone was Avery Williams (MOP, DPOY), Jerod Fernandez (ROY), and Nolan Macmillan (OLOY, CPOY) who will represent the Redblacks at the CFL awards during Grey Cup week this November.

Unfortunately for the Redblacks, the season will not be leading them to the Grey Cup as it did last season and the season finale will take place tomorrow at TD Place.

Going into the game, there are two noticeable changes, which are, Dominique Davis to start at quarterback and John Crockett will be back from injury and to start at running back.

Other than those two moves, there are not many changes to the team as the Redblacks will be focused on the future and looking at what we’ve got for the next season.

As mentioned before, the Redblacks showed up to today’s walkthrough in costumes, but in tomorrow’s game they will be wearing a game face as they fight for future roster spots.

Stay tuned to the Redblacks as they fight for their fourth win in their season finale against the Alouettes in Ottawa tomorrow.

Morris and Redblacks set for final away game of 2019 season

With just 2 games left in the 2019 season, Redblacks fans are left with close to nothing to cheer about, although it has been a good learning year! In the past few seasons, Ottawa has been spoiled with 3 Grey Cup appearances, and this season was much needed for the city.

Ottawa Redblacks #22 Greg Morris during the first quarter against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats at TD Place, Saturday August 17, 2019. Ashley Fraser/Postmedia

Although it may not seem very nice when you look at a 3-13 record, there has been multiple bright spots within the team this season. One of which would be the team’s depth. This season, the Redblacks have struggled with injuries. The team lost many big pieces like Antoine Pruneau, Jonathan Rose and John Crockett, but Marcel Desjardins’ scout team helped us out to fill those wholes.

At today’s Redblacks walk through, I was able to ask Morris about the system here in Ottawa which allows everyone to be ready for any opportunity given, he explains “Ottawa has a family system, they do their best to implicate everybody and putting them in the best position for them and the team. You’ve got to tip your hats to the coaching staff for going above and beyond with the preparation and its just one of many reasons for the success we’ve had.”

With the team’s top two running backs, Madu and Crockett battling the injury bug, every few games the team saw Greg Morris take the field.

OTTAWA, ON – AUGUST 17: Ottawa Redblacks running back Greg Morris (22) runs with the ball during Canadian Football League action between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Ottawa Redblacks on August 17, 2019, at TD Place at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa, ON, Canada. (Photo by Richard A. Whittaker/Icon Sportswire)

The 27 year old CFL veteran is in his second year with the team, and before his Ottawa days he played a role in Edmonton, and Saskatchewan where he totaled for 1,225 all-purpose yards on 80 touches and one went for a touchdown. Since his signing with the Redblacks, he added an extra 371 yards and 40 touches to his short CFL career!

Going into Tomorrow’s game in Toronto, Morris, a Toronto native, will be playing in front of family and friends. He points out, “Whenever I play there, its always like a home game. I’ve got a bunch of guys watching me, but I’m also playing against a lot of guys I know from Toronto. It has the atmosphere of a high-school game because of that, and I love playing there.”

Most of Morris’ teammates and friends call him by the nickname “Juice”, he touched on that, “When I was younger, I drank a lot of juice and I always had a lot of energy which led to me not sleeping well and I still don’t. They called me Juice as in a juiced up battery because of the energy I had.”

In Tomorrow’s game, Morris will feature as the number 2 back playing behind Gillanders for the second straight game. Tune into TSN, RDS or ESPN to view the game at 4:00 pm EDT.

Gameday in Hamilton, Arndt gets second start, Logan back, Rhymes over 1,000

Today at 4:00 pm EDT, the Ottawa Redblacks will be playing against the Hamilton Tigercats. As of now, the Tiger-Cats are the winners of the east division sitting at 12-3, while Ottawa is fighting for their 4th win of the season at 3-12.

When you put those two records side to side, it may look like a big win for Hamilton, although that’s not the case here. Ottawa may be out of the playoff picture, but the players are fighting to stay on CFL rosters and with that power, it should be a great divisional game to watch.

Today’s game is one of three left for the Redblacks, and all three are divisional games (@Hamilton, @Toronto, vs Montreal), meaning all three games could be good games to close the season with.

Last game in Arndt’s first start, he threw for 288 yards and two touchdowns. One of those touchdowns and 70 yards went to receiver Dominique Rhymes. With those 70 yards, Rhymes surpassed 1,000 receiving yards for the first time in his career. The 26 year old Miami native could add to his totals with Arndt looking to start today’s game along with the other 2 to close the season.

Also new this week, running back/kick returner Stefan Logan will be back in the lineup. Logan has 856 punt/kick return yards this season.

Tune into the Redblacks game on both TSN and RDS today at 4:00 pm EDT.

Arndt comes off first start, Redblacks have eyes glued on future following 28-21 loss to Argonauts

Last week, the Redblacks took on the Toronto Argonauts at BMO field in Toronto, unlike the rest of Ottawa’s games the quarterback under center had been William Arndt.

Arndt started the season as the 3rd string quarterback of the team, but as the season developed and our playoff chances getting slimmer he started to get higher up in the depth chart and gaining playing time. Going into last week’s game, the Redblacks needed a miracle to stay in the playoff hunt and sat at 3-11. As the team began to lose chances at the overall goal of every season at the Grey Cup, they started looking at the smaller things. The team took a look at what they have for the future, and they’ve decided to get the future to show their potentials now.

William Arndt is one of many players a part of the future, he’s been in the organization for just over 2 seasons and has one more year on his rookie contract with the Redblacks. With the Redblacks, Arndt only got closing time up until last week’s start in Toronto, therefore the Redblacks management were curious to see what he had for them in 0-0 game.

In Arndt’s first career start, he carried the Redblacks to multiple up and down situations which held the breath of most Redblacks fans watching, which means he kept them in the game. For the first quarter or so, Arndt performed well throwing the ball for over 50 yards on 6 completions holding the Redblacks to a close 3-3 tie, although that was not for long.

Just in the second quarter it self, the Argos scored two touchdowns while stopping Arndt and the Redblacks to just 29 passing yards with a 17-3 Argos’ lead at half.

Down 14 with just 30 minutes of regulation left, the Redblacks were in need of a spark, and they got it!

After throwing for just 84 yards in half one, Arndt was back firing it in the second half. He threw for his first two touchdowns of his career along with 204 yards passing which expanded his numbers on the day to 288 yards and 2 touchdowns.

After his first start, Arndt’s numbers on his short career now sit at a 61% completion percentage with 478 passing yards to go under his two touchdowns.

Arndt will be starting this week as the Redblacks face off against the Hamilton Tiger Cats in Hamilton on Saturday.

Although Arndt looks to be our future, we also have other quarterbacks on the roster and in free agency this off-season.

Going into the 2020 CFL season, the Redblacks quarterbacks would contain of Dominique Davis and William Arndt.

With Davis and Arndt the only quarterbacks under contract for next season, the Redblacks might be in the hunt for a quarterback this off-season. This season the Redblacks also played under no offensive coordinator, therefore a Quarterback and OC are most likely going to find themselves signing an Ottawa Redblacks contract this off-season.

Arndt to make first career start vs Argos, Sherrod Baltimore documentary

Tonight at BMO field in Toronto, the Ottawa Redblacks will be playing the Toronto Argonauts for the second time this season.

Photo of Will Arndt at a Redblacks practice, photo taken by Jordan Zlomislic

In the first meeting, the Argonauts got the best of the Redblacks, but since then the Redblacks have made a few moves which are going to help change tonight’s matchup!

For tonight’s game, the Redblacks will be starting quarterback William Arndt. Arndt has spent the whole season behind Davis and Jennings getting just little playing time. In the situations that Arndt has been placed in this season, he’s always brought a spark to the offence helping them move the ball, therefore it’ll be interesting to see what he can do in a full game.

Photo of Sherrod Baltimore in game action vs the Hamilton Tiger Cats in the 2018 season

Just an hour before tonight’s game in Toronto, Redblacks defensive back Sherrod Baltimore will be staring in a documentary “Only the strong survive” which was filmed by TSN and will give Redblacks fans some information about Baltimore and his past. To watch the documentary, keep your eyes on TSN at 6:00 as it should be airing then.