JZ’s Scouting Reports; young group of dbs look to carry on Ottawa’s success at the position

Over the years, the city of Ottawa has seen many athletes come out and have a lot of success. We’ve seen it with hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer and more recently in football as well. A large part of the players that have come out of the city, whether its playing division one, at a Canadian university or even at the professional level have played on the defensive side of the ball, and more specifically in the defensive back field. In the NCAA now from Ottawa is Katley Joseph of Maine University, Jonathan Sutherland of Penn State, Patrice Rene of UNC, Arthur Hamlin of Colgate and more, though there will be some joining them soon. After a long 2020 year on and off the field for athletes, the talent from Ottawa has been exposed and ready to be showcased at the next level.

To put a little extra light on the upcoming NCAA stars, I’ve decided to dedicate the first week of the 2021 year, January 4th through 8th to some of the best up and coming defensive backs from the area. I’ll be conducting interviews with the players themselves and have them evaluated by professional defensive backs as well as some of the best coaches I know personally.

This experience will help myself learn about the talent we have in the city of Ottawa but as well as put exposure on some of these players that are either getting looks already at the NCAA level or wanting to get those looks. Stay tuned to learn more on Ottawa’s defensive back group here at https://jzmedia.ca/

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