13 year professional return specialist, running back Stefan Logan to coach Lock Haven University running backs and special teams

Lock Haven University | AstroTurf

Following a 13 year career spent in both the CFL and NFL as a part of the B.C Lions, Pittsburgh Steelers, Detroit Lions, Montreal Alouettes and the Ottawa Redblacks, running back, kickoff return specialist Stefan Logan has kicked off his life after football, most recently coaching the Lock Haven University Bald Eagles.

Logan, while hosting the “Less Talk Football” podcast now is the running backs and special teams coach for the Bald Eagles and having spent 13 years in both the NFL and CFL, gaining over an all-purpose 19,000 yards combined in both leagues he has a lot to share to the younger athletes coming up. Lock Haven is a division two NCAA school in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania.

When asked about the opportunity, in an interview from February Stefan Logan said, “I’m excited about it. As a professional athlete I learnt so much from so many people, it only makes sense to spread that knowledge to the next generation.”

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