JZ’s Scouting Reports defensive stars from January series, previewing Ottawa’s offensive talent

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In January, to kickstart the number one football platform for all levels in Ottawa, JZ Media wrote a new article for every week day of the month regarding the best defensive players in the nation’s capital. Adding to the mix of CFL and NFL related content already posted on jzmedia.ca as well as lilzbigr.blog, Jordan Zlomislic has been able to cover some of the top recruiting stories in Ottawa over the past couple of months and hopes to continue on that path moving forward. Next up, following write ups on the defensive players highlighted by JZ Media, there will be an article every single weekday from March 15th through March 26th to shine light on ten of the best offensive stars in the city of Ottawa. The list will headline some of the best quarterbacks, running backs, receivers and even maybe an offensive lineman or two. Launching this platform, Jordan Zlomislic hopes to bring that spotlight that has been missing in the city of Ottawa, bringing the city’s sports on top like how every athlete wants it to be and it all starts with the youth because as we all know, the youth is the future but before we can look on to the offensive side of the ball come March 15th we must be up to date with the city’s defensive stars.

Who was written about? 

Defensive backs: Shakespeare Louis, Nathan Casimir, Josh Baka, Etienne Hachokake, Denny Ferdinand

Shakespeare Louis, Robert Morris’ newest defensive superstar, “The Most Complete Defensive Player Out There”

Linebackers: Edwin Tara Kolenge, Maleek Ruseel, Matthew Michael Assivero, Darius Mckenzie, Josh Sowah

Edwin Tara Kolenge’s Top 8 Schools include Syracuse, Howard, Boston College, Nebraska, Indiana, West Virginia, Rutgers and Virginia Tech

Defensive linemen: Eben Dibula, Nate Martey, Elijah St John, Lliam Horrocks

Coach Jean Guillaume with defensive lineman and Bethune Cookman signee Even Dibula

To add to those previously written about from the previous recruiting classes, soon, starting March 15th Jordan Zlomislic and JZ Media will be releasing articles every week day for two weeks on some of the best offensive players from the nation’s capital. Some of these players could be signed by Universities or Colleges for the 2021 fall season or maybe a year or two away from their signing day, but no matter how old the players highlighted are, the main goal is to have their names out there. Often in the city of Ottawa and in the country of Canada in general, talented players who have the ability to play at a high level of football get over looked simply because of their position geographically. It has been an on going problem for years and there have been numerous coaches in the 613 region helping fight the problem, but as much of it falls onto the reputation of the coaches and players a large part of recruiting comes in the media as well. In the United States you see a number of media platforms continuously covering recruiting stories, always putting in a good word for the players in their respective region, though in Canada there is none of that. 

In a country which many believe is a hockey run country, there is very little sports media. No matter what level of sports, whether that be high school, all the way to the CFL, the marketing around Canada’s sports is and has been poor for many years. There is only very few major sports media companies in Canada and for the most part they only cover professional sports, as for the United States where ESPN, the country’s number one sports platform covers everything from high school all the way up to conversations that retired athletes have on podcasts. This is something that has hurt a lot of athletes in the past in recruiting because of the lack of publicity that Canada has in the game of football and even other sports like baseball and basketball, though bringing the youth of Jordan Zlomislic and the knowledge of sports minded people around him JZ Media hopes to be a part of a positive change in Canadain sports, mainly in football. 

Look back at all of JZ Media’s scouting reports on the city of Ottawa’s top defensive players at every position which are all linked to this article and stay tuned to learn about the city’s offensive super stars on the come up as well. Be a part of the change and learn about the future Canadian world-class athletes here at jzmedia.ca 

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