He’s back! Fan favourite, DeVonte Dedmon returns to Ottawa Redblacks following NFL stint

As we approach the half way mark of the 2022 CFL season, R-Nation, and all CFL fans can look at the Ottawa Redblacks at 1-8 and count them out for any chance at the Grey Cup. For a third season in a row, the Redblacks have struggled on so many levels, and it’s been tough for the fans to pick out positives, especially this season. After bringing in what looked to be a championship caliber roster in the off-season, and getting the fans to buy in to the team’s “Flip The Script” motto, this 2022 CFL season has been disappointing in the nation’s capital. Redblacks owner Mark Goudie worded it perfectly Saturday morning on Twitter stating, “there are no excuses.” among other things said, and he is absolutely right. At this point in the season, it is extremely hard to turn things around. Sure, if the Redblacks do somehow go 9-0 to close out the season they would finish 10-8 and likely find themselves on the top of the east division, but in reality, the Redblacks just need a strong finish to the season, and to show glimpses of what could come next season to keep fans coming to TD Place.

If that is the goal, to keep fans coming to TD Place, and to finish the season strong, well, they are on to a good start.

Just prior to the Redblacks taking on the Elks on Friday, a phone call between general manager Shawn Burke in Ottawa and DeVonte Dedmon in Miami made things official that Dedmon would return to the nation’s capital after his time spent with the NFL’s Miami Dolphins.

Sure, he may not be coming in to a great situation in Ottawa, but Dedmon has proven to make things better in Ottawa before, and is expected to do so once again.

In 2021, winning the CFL’s Most Outstanding Special Teams player award and the Redblacks’ MOP nomination, DeVonte “Smoke” Dedmon had a grand total 2,234 all-purpose yards and 4 touchdowns on just 122 touches. Every time he touched the ball there was the threat that he could score. Averaging 18.3 yards per touch, the Redblacks were practically guaranteed good field position, and/or a first down when he had the ball in his hands, and while they struggle to move the ball in 2022 the NFL talent is bound to make an instant impact on this Redblacks team, and not only is he ready to make that impact, but he’s ready to prove himself once again.

Dedmon is in the best shape he has ever been, coming out of NFL training camp, he is the best football player he has ever been right now, and he is motivated.

He is motivated to show the Miami Dolphins, and the other 31 NFL teams the kind of player he is, so at just 26 years old he could get a fair opportunity to play in the NFL once again.

Tune in to the DeVonte Dedmon show at TD Place as he starts practising with the team this Tuesday at TD Place from 11:15 to 1:15. All fans are welcome to watch the practice and show support for Dedmon as he comes back home.

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