The Edwin Tara Kolenge Story

In July, JZ Media’s Jordan Zlomislic made a trip down to Boston to visit Montreal’s Edwin Tara Kolenge in Chestnut Hill.

Over the time spent on campus at Boston College both Zlomislic and Tara Kolenge were able to work on a couple of small projects. One of the projects worked on was a day in the life YouTube video to showcase the daily life of a division one football player, in this instance, the life of Edwin Tara Kolenge, a freshman edge rusher with the Boston College Eagles.

Another project, and one of the more important projects worked on included a short documentary style video, telling the story of Edwin Tara Kolenge.

The video gives people the story behind number 17 for the Eagles, and tells people about the bright future that is in store, not only on the field for Tara Kolenge but whats to come off of the field as well.

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