Ottawa Redblacks’ Sherrod Baltimore announces his first ever back to school giveaway

Over recent years, it has hard to find consistencies with the CFL’s Ottawa Redblacks. There has been a lot of ups, and a lot of downs, but despite that there has always been something you can count on with the Redblacks; that being Sherrod Baltimore’s involvement in the community.

Since he entered the CFL in 2017 Baltimore’s smile has been known across the city of Ottawa, and not only because he’s always smiling, but because he has been across the city helping others smile as well.

This May he held his first ever Sherrod Baltimore Family and Friends Day at TD Place where over 150 kids had the opportunity to come hang out, eat and play football with CFL players for free. Now, as those same kids start up school this week, Baltimore is back in the community putting on his first ever back to school giveaway.

Checkout Sherrod Baltimore’s latest instagram posts to learn more about his back to school giveaway!

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