Ottawa native and Gee Gees wide receiver Dylan St Pierre to play in Orlando, Florida Tropical Bowl on January 17th

Meet 2021 NFL Draft Prospect Dylan St. Pierre, WR, University of Ottawa

Over recent years we have seen the city of Ottawa and the country of Canada grow through the game of football. In the 2020 NFL Draft there were two Canadians selected, both Chase Claypool and Neville Gallimore (Ottawa). Along with the Canadians in the NFL, every year we see a number of Canadians ball out at the division one level in the states and get recognized around the world. In 2020, even though there wasn’t a lot of football being played in Ottawa, a lot was happening in the city within the game of football. Players at all levels continued to train and get better, coaches continued to gather players and build teams while the media also did their part to cover the latest news and coming into the new year there is a lot of news bound to break regarding football in Ottawa.

Among the news to break in the 2021 year is from University of Ottawa and Ottawa native, wide receiver Dylan St Pierre as he gets invited to play in a college football all-star game across the border. Heading down south, St Pierre will be playing in the annual Tropical Bowl on January 17th. “I’m very excited for this opportunity.” Dylan St Pierre said when asked about the opportunity, “Not a lot of Canadians get to play in these games in the states so I’m thankful for the opportunity, and I’m really looking forward to the experience.”

At the Tropical Bowl in Florida, St Pierre will be exposed to scouts at all professional stages, in the NFL, CFL and even the XFL, though it won’t be the first time an Ottawa football player gets this exposure, “A couple guys I played with or against are at the professional level now. Guys like Neville Gallimore, Jackson Bennett, and a bunch of other guys and I want to join them at the professional level so the opportunity to go to Florida to play in this game is going to hopefully help with that.” Helping get him to the professional stage, the Ottawa U receiver will be playing side by side and face to face with several star players from the states. In past years, the Tropical Bowl has had a number of players drafted into the NFL, one being Delvin Hodges who started 8 games at quarterback last season with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This opportunity for Dylan St Pierre will be if not the biggest opportunity of his football career and will be able to shine light on the career he had with the Gee Gees where in 22 games he was able to catch 43 passes for 435 yards and 5 touchdowns, averaging just under 2 catches a game in his career.

Stay tuned and up to date on St Pierre’s story as he enters his 2021 NFL/CFL Draft process.

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