CFL’s Micah Awe verifies 2021 Draft prospect Alain Cimankinda’s combine performance through Purpleshift

Earlier in this calendar year, the CFL’s Ottawa Redblacks signed linebacker Micah Awe. Awe has spent 3 seasons in the CFL split between the BC Lions and Toronto Argonauts, he’s made 154 tackles and forced 3 turnovers over the span of his 35 games played in the league but as of recent his impact off of the football field has had as big as it has on the field. Shortly after being signed by the Redblacks in Ottawa, Micah was able to publish an app that has been in the works for some time now called Purpleshift. Purpleshift is a fitness and recruiting app which people have the opportunity to get results on their athletic ability. From the 40 yard dash to your pushups, Purpleshift allows you to find out where you stand as an athlete, getting the times and results of your drills while also receiving a score on each activity you tested yourself in. As a football player, Awe in-visions this app to be a popular app for the NFL and CFL, even going back to the grass roots in high school and university in the recruiting aspect of sports and the exposure around recruiting.

To be able to one day achieve the goal of being a big name app in the football and sports world, Micah Awe and his team at Purpleshift has been able to verify combine results for some of the best athletes that are on the come up for a big professional career. One of the players that Awe was able to verify combine results for was Alain Cimankinda. Cimankinda is a 2021 CFL and NFL Draft prospect out of Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and over his university career spent at the University of Guelph Alain Cimankinda found himself just two sacks shy of the all-time U-Sports sack record finishing with 16.5 sacks in 23 games. At the CFL’s 2021 virtual national combine, Cimankinda had a spectacular performance and tested very well as an edge rusher, Purpleshift was able to verify exactly that. Marking him down at 6-foot-1/2, 244.5 pounds Purpleshift verified Cimankinda’s performance with a 40 yard dash of 4.90 seconds, a 20 yard shuttle of 4.37 seconds, 1.67 seconds 10 yard dash and a 112.50 inch (9.375 feet) broad jump. Purpleshift also gave him a score for each of the combine activities he participated in, 91.91 for the 20 yard shuttle, 89.73 for the broad jump, 90.49 for the 40 yard dash and for one of the best activities for Cimankinda for the 10 yard dash he received a score of 90.07. This combine performance from Alain Cimankinda, officially verified through the Purpleshift app is a big help for his draft stock, making him one of the best defensive players available in the 2021 CFL Draft which will occur on Tuesday May 4th starting at 7:00 pm eastern daylight time. The first two rounds like every other year will be televised on TSN while the final 4 rounds will have coverage on CFL.CA.

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